Wednesday, September 28, 2005


Fire in the air

I have been really busy at my school and at my house too.

I got another tooth out, but the dentist had to take it out. He poked my mouth and I yelled A LOT. But then the lady gave me gas and things got funny and VOOMP! next thing I was with Dad and he had my tooth! He kept it secret and didn't tell me til later. They gave me a special box for my tooth. Look!

I have a big jump in my teeth and talking is funny now. My tongue gets stuck in the space.

The lady at the dentist was really nice to me. And orange is her favorite color like mine! I drew her a picture for next time I go to see her.


It is a dragon in his house. He is a special dragon that keeps his fire in the pouch in his throat. It is called a fire-pouch.

His house is in the middle of a volcano! See the top? It was going to be the sun, but then I decided to make it the hole at the top of the volcano. Dragons like it really hot like that. And I did it on orange construction paper because that is like what you would see inside his house. It would be all fire in the air inside a volcano.

Except you could not really see it. You would burn up, because you are not a dragon.


Saturday, September 24, 2005


My new game

I liked the tag game I did last time. I like tag at school too. It is my favorite game.

Today I decided to make up my own game. I am calling it Dinosaur Tag! I will make a board and cards and use some of my little dinos for pieces.

I have to think up some rules so I can play with my sister.

All games have a box they come in. I like to look at the pictures on the boxes. They are good drawings. I made my own picture. I even did all the writing myself. It will go on the box when I am done.


See? They are running on numbers so you know it's a game.

In the olden dinosaur days, they really did play tag.

But they didn't say "Tag! You're it!"

They just said "Gulp."

And ate you.

Gotta go work on my game. Bye!

Wednesday, September 21, 2005


I got tagged

We have a bird that bumps the window a lot in the morning. It's like he wants to talk to me. A neighbor said he is called a common finch. I don't know if he is, but I like him a lot.

I tried to do a picture of him but I found out something. Birds are hard! I see him in my head but I can't draw what I see. I will keep doing one til I like it and show you then, ok?

Instead, I drew an eagle. I know his head but his legs are not so good.

We saw one once and he was HUGE! But he had hurt his wing when he was a baby and the people were taking care of him. I felt sad that he didn't fly. He looked kind of scary, like Grandma when she's mad but has feathers.

Guess what?

The Twinkie played tag and got me. So now I have to answer some things:

What I Did Yesterday: Went to school. Had art class and got to paint and wrote a letter to my mom.

My 3 Favorite Games: Connect Four, Tom and Jerry on the Playstation (Dad can't beat me!), checkers.

My 3 Favorite Songs: Happy Birthday, Jingle Bells, and some song from Treasure Planet that I don't know the name of.

My 3 Favorite Toys: My stuffed rattlesnake that I sleep with, my Jurassic Park dinosaurs, my paint set

My 3 Favorite Snacks: Ice cream, cake and corn dogs!

My 3 Favorite Movies: Robots (we just saw it), Lion King, 101 Dalmatians

My 3 Favorite Books:
Mr. Gaiman's Goldfish book, Bark, George, Dad's old Dick and Jane book

My 3 Favorite Colors:
Orange, brown and light red.

The Three Kids I'm Tagging: I can't pick three but I'll pick Legoboy if nobody got him yet.

This was fun. Thanks, Twinkie.


Friday, September 16, 2005


Dinos in the window!

One of my sisters' friends sent her a surprise box yesterday. It really WAS a surprise because there was something in there for me!

First, there were gianormous markers in there. They are the same size as your arm. I will do a neat big picture for her friend with them.

The other thing inside was markers you can draw on the windows with!

I couldn't believe it, but Mom said okay.


First I did the spinosaurus. He scared the dog!

I was not in trouble for drawing on the window because it wipes off.

So I wiped it off and did another one.

When you look in the window you can see things behind you like in a mirror. I want to trace them, but it's hard because your hand gets in the way. I will practice.

Watch out for dinosaurs tonight!


Wednesday, September 14, 2005


Lotsa name for a little animal

We had to tell stories about what we drew today and this is what I drew and told about. Later I came home and told it for Dad and he wrote it down just now. It is a lot to say, so get ready.

The Prehistoric Spotted Small Orange Sabre-Whiskered Dog


This is the prehistoric spotted small orange sabre-whiskered dog.

It's a lotsa name for a little animal.


He lived a long time ago in the olden days of the woolly mammoth and the sabre-tooth tiger and the crocodile that could hold his breath for years.

He doesn't LOOK little. But he is.

Guess how little? You won't believe this.

That is NOT the grass he is on.

He is ON A LEAF!!

He was smaller than the littlest dog they have today now. He was the same size of a Hot Wheels Acceleracers car.

But he still ate spiders and mice and small eggs and even common finches.

He looks like a cross between a cheetah and a regular dog. He is related to both of them. He is their great-great-lotsa-great grandfather.

But if a dog or cheetah saw him today, they would try to eat him, because he is just the size of a bite for them. They would just go GOOMP! and try to bite him up.

But when they did...the prehistoric spotted orange small sabre-whiskered dog would tear off their whole head!

He was small, but this dog was crazy! He could eat more than anybody! Even my uncle. He put 15 Oreos in his whole mouth once.

You would not want him in your house. Or riding the bus with you. Because he was so tiny he would eat your shoes off before you could do anything. And then you'd have to go to school in your feet.

It is probably good he got extincted.

The End

It's okay, see? He is not real. I made him all up.

But next time, I think I will call him the prehistoric small spotted orange sabre-whiskered CRAZY KILLER-DILLER dog! His name will be even longer.

But he will be the same size.


Sunday, September 11, 2005


Faces in the paint

Mom went away and we did lots of art today and yesterday with Dad. I worked on a book about raptors and helped my sister do a silly book about a green cheetah.

I also am doing a book about a lynx cat living in a forest of badness and greatness. It is a big story and there is a wolf and an explosion. I can't tell you more yet.

We did sponge painting in art class. Everyone does pretty pictures like rainbows and blocks. But some of the sponge pieces have faces in them.

If you use black paint, you can get them out.

I saw this piece that had a scary face in it. And then when I put paint on it and squished it on the paper, it got even scarier.



I put ears on him so he would look like a bat. I don't think the teacher liked it. She said she couldn't see a face. Some of the boys could see it and they said it was cool.

But some boys couldn't see it.

It is like a magic face in the paint. Can YOU see it?

I am saving him for Halloween. Maybe I will look for more faces.

Gotta go finish my book! Bye!

Friday, September 09, 2005


Art class

We have good markers in art class now.

I drew this. He is the sneaky crocodile that hides under the water. He can hold his breath in for days and years.


Then ZOMP! He eats you up!

He lost a tooth. Can you see where?

Last night, the Ninja Lady made me a picture. Of me. She says I am a prince and gave me a crown. I like it. Thank you!

It makes me think of Charlie Brown when they talk on the wall.

Dad says she is a really good writer.

She is a good drawer too.


Tuesday, September 06, 2005


Painted wings

We have lots of butterflies in our yard right now. I love them! Dad got me a net and a special box for them and I have been catching them.

But I let them go at the end of the day.

I like to look at their wings, but you can't touch them. You might rub the paint off and then they can't fly.

God does a good job painting their wings.

I like the monarch best but we have painted ladies too. Mom planted some flowers that make them come into the yard. And guess what? Three hummingbirds came to have a drink out of the flowers too. They are neat how they fly, but not as neat as butterflies.

When Dad was sick I let a butterfly out in his room. The dog jumped and chased it. It was funny until Mom came in.

Later I made my own butterfly.


You can see how he was a caterpillar before. Now he is happy with his painted wings.


Friday, September 02, 2005


Cats and Dads

Dad is sick. He is coughing on everything and can't talk.

He reads to me and my sister at night but he can't read much. So this time I read to him.

I can read a couple books if I know the words. One I am really good at is Cat in the Hat.

It is a weird book. Mom left the kids alone in the house and they just let the Cat in! My Mom says NEVER open the door to strangers.

But it's okay because the Cat is funny and does neat things and then picks up afterward. Then Mom comes home and they don't tell her.

I asked Dad why there's no dad in the story. He says some families don't have dads at home, and that's okay.

But want to know what I think? I think the Cat IS the dad, dressed up in a cat costume. And he probably had a key to get in!

That's what my Dad would do.

He likes Cat in the Hat too. He likes to say "It's fun to have fun, but you have to know how." That is a good saying from the book.

I tried to draw a cat picture for my Dad like they have in the book. It's hard to draw like other people.

But Dad still liked it.

He needs to go to bed and stop coughing now.



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