Wednesday, September 28, 2005


Fire in the air

I have been really busy at my school and at my house too.

I got another tooth out, but the dentist had to take it out. He poked my mouth and I yelled A LOT. But then the lady gave me gas and things got funny and VOOMP! next thing I was with Dad and he had my tooth! He kept it secret and didn't tell me til later. They gave me a special box for my tooth. Look!

I have a big jump in my teeth and talking is funny now. My tongue gets stuck in the space.

The lady at the dentist was really nice to me. And orange is her favorite color like mine! I drew her a picture for next time I go to see her.


It is a dragon in his house. He is a special dragon that keeps his fire in the pouch in his throat. It is called a fire-pouch.

His house is in the middle of a volcano! See the top? It was going to be the sun, but then I decided to make it the hole at the top of the volcano. Dragons like it really hot like that. And I did it on orange construction paper because that is like what you would see inside his house. It would be all fire in the air inside a volcano.

Except you could not really see it. You would burn up, because you are not a dragon.


I was wondering why you could see the sun so good from inside the dragon's house, until you explained it. Now it makes sense!

My Dad used to always call me "Snaggletooth" when I had a tooth out like that, or "Snagglepuss". That was the name of an old cartoon about a pink lion. (You can see his picture here if you haven't heard of him.)
Art Lad: As usual your picture is most wonderful.

And WOW what a great tooth! It looks like a whopper. I bet you got GOOD money for that one.
Your blog is cool Art Lad. I know some younger bloggers and will tell them about your blog.
hi. I am Leon's friend, Salwa. See that tooth i thought it was a little hamster. Lol!!!!!!!!!!
Hi I realy think you are a good drawer. I like the spikes on your dragon. It's house is realy bright. I bet it hurt when you got that tooth out. I just lost the same tooth on monday. But I lost mine by accident. My top tooth was supposed to come out but my mom made the wrong tooth fall out so now I have 2 teeth gone. Its fun with 2 teeth gone cause I wistle and spit when I say some words like 4. bye.
You really have a funny post Art Lad! And I can relate with your story because my son had his tooth pulled by some of his dentists (Aiken) just recently after Halloween. Honestly, my son does not want to go to a dentist. He thought that he could not be brave enough to face his fear but after the dentists (Aiken, SC) did dental procedures on him, his fears were gone in an instant.
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