Friday, September 16, 2005


Dinos in the window!

One of my sisters' friends sent her a surprise box yesterday. It really WAS a surprise because there was something in there for me!

First, there were gianormous markers in there. They are the same size as your arm. I will do a neat big picture for her friend with them.

The other thing inside was markers you can draw on the windows with!

I couldn't believe it, but Mom said okay.


First I did the spinosaurus. He scared the dog!

I was not in trouble for drawing on the window because it wipes off.

So I wiped it off and did another one.

When you look in the window you can see things behind you like in a mirror. I want to trace them, but it's hard because your hand gets in the way. I will practice.

Watch out for dinosaurs tonight!


How neat! I want to get some of those markers, too. Very good job on your artwork and your blog. I enjoy checking in everyday to see if you have anything new posted. My son like dinosaurs, too, so I am going to show him your pictures. Have a good day in school!
I wanted to try some of those, but my mom said no. I don't know why she doesn't want me to draw on the windows! :( It looks *really* fun.
Have a great Friday!
Hey I want some markers too!

Think I can hide them from Declan? (my 6 yr old son) He'd probably steal them and decorate every window in the house.

Did you hate having to wipe off your artwork?

Well, at least you have pictures of it :o)

Keep up the good work!
What works really well, art lad, is to do your drawing on a window that looks outside -- because you can trace what you see outside the window, like the house across the street. Then when you step back, you can see the house and your drawing!
Sweet! I have a huge window in my apartment and no curtains. Those markers would be WAY better than curtains. Too bad I can't draw :(
Hey Art Lad- window art is fun. And dont you just love surprises? You have a very nice Aunt. Have fun!
I don't think I'd ever heard of those before. Do you remember what they are called?

You really look like your Dad in that 2nd picture!
I like window art! In our town, there are artists who paint on the windows of the stores for different special events and holidays. I love to watch them work! They use beautiful, bright paints, and create the neatest pictures.
I'm a little bit jealous - I'd love to draw on windows! What a great gift.
I used to use those kinds of markers to write stories on my bedroom mirror. The dinosaurs are great!
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