Monday, July 10, 2006


Copy Brownie Cat

My sister is a big copycat now. First she had to go to swim class with me. Now she says she wants to play baseball. She is actually a good hitter sometimes when Dad pitches them slow.

I play catch with her too, but I get bored because I have to throw it the baby underhand way.

At first she was no good, but she is getting better. She says she gets better when she wears her lucky shoes:


Also she makes a face. Like this:


Mom saw it and said, "What is that mean face for?"

And she said, "It's NOT a mean face. It's my face that says, 'I'm gonna GO for it!'"

I think it's silly.

But I took her picture anyway. She wants me to do a baseball card for her too, but that is crazy.


Friday, July 07, 2006


Guess What?


Bad guys stole him but Dad GOT HIM BACK!

He looks skinny to me. I don't think they fed him. Mom says he's still fat. But I gave him some turkey out of the refrigerator and he ate the whole bag almost.

Blaze had a lot of boo-boos, but he was so happy to see my sister, he started doing his happy dance. That's where he rolls around on the rug. I got a picture.


Dad says he has to clean the rug now. Blaze is kinda stinky. He smells like pee and Fritos.

I am going to do a Welcome Home card for Blaze and put it on his cage.

My sister got so happy she started to cry. Dad says that happens.

I didn't cry. I just yelled real loud.



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