Wednesday, September 21, 2005


I got tagged

We have a bird that bumps the window a lot in the morning. It's like he wants to talk to me. A neighbor said he is called a common finch. I don't know if he is, but I like him a lot.

I tried to do a picture of him but I found out something. Birds are hard! I see him in my head but I can't draw what I see. I will keep doing one til I like it and show you then, ok?

Instead, I drew an eagle. I know his head but his legs are not so good.

We saw one once and he was HUGE! But he had hurt his wing when he was a baby and the people were taking care of him. I felt sad that he didn't fly. He looked kind of scary, like Grandma when she's mad but has feathers.

Guess what?

The Twinkie played tag and got me. So now I have to answer some things:

What I Did Yesterday: Went to school. Had art class and got to paint and wrote a letter to my mom.

My 3 Favorite Games: Connect Four, Tom and Jerry on the Playstation (Dad can't beat me!), checkers.

My 3 Favorite Songs: Happy Birthday, Jingle Bells, and some song from Treasure Planet that I don't know the name of.

My 3 Favorite Toys: My stuffed rattlesnake that I sleep with, my Jurassic Park dinosaurs, my paint set

My 3 Favorite Snacks: Ice cream, cake and corn dogs!

My 3 Favorite Movies: Robots (we just saw it), Lion King, 101 Dalmatians

My 3 Favorite Books:
Mr. Gaiman's Goldfish book, Bark, George, Dad's old Dick and Jane book

My 3 Favorite Colors:
Orange, brown and light red.

The Three Kids I'm Tagging: I can't pick three but I'll pick Legoboy if nobody got him yet.

This was fun. Thanks, Twinkie.


That's a nice eagle. I keep wishing one would come get a fish from our pond, but I guess it's too small.
I really like your bird! We get a lot of crows in our backyard in the morning. Sometimes they wake me up!

I'm glad that you played tag! I like Connect Four too!

Twinks ;)
I think your eagle is great Art Lad! It's way better than any bird I can draw. I let Lego Boy know about the tag, he's going to work on it tomorrow on his day off of school. He has been wanting to update his blog but I've been too busy to help him. Shame on me. We'll add some pictures and do your tag tomorrow.

Lego Boys Mommy
Great eagle!

Declan loves corn dogs too-they have them as an alternate on the school menu this week and he gets one no matter what. He really, really likes them!

Finches are neat-I had a couple once and they make the cutest sound, like a little squeak toy.
I really like your eagle, Thomas. You're really good at this! :-)

As for your favorite movies, I really love The Lion King as well. It was released when I was just a few years older than you are now.

/ Vegar
Hi Art Lad! I played tag. It's on my blog now.
I like your eagle drawing, Thomas, and don't worry about his legs being "not so good" -- I always felt that the best drawings had completely accidental lines in them. In fact, one of my favourite "drawing games" is played by starting off with a line from one object, say a dog, and drawing other stuff on that line until you've drawn a completely different object, like a man with a big nose.
Being a Grandma, I'm a little confused.."He looked kind of scary, like Grandma when she's mad but has feathers". When we're mad and have feathers are we more or LESS scary than usual?
Hey Art Lad--

I'm happy that you realize that corn dogs are SNACKS and not FOOD. (Contrary to what the old man tells you when mom's not around)
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