Tuesday, September 06, 2005


Painted wings

We have lots of butterflies in our yard right now. I love them! Dad got me a net and a special box for them and I have been catching them.

But I let them go at the end of the day.

I like to look at their wings, but you can't touch them. You might rub the paint off and then they can't fly.

God does a good job painting their wings.

I like the monarch best but we have painted ladies too. Mom planted some flowers that make them come into the yard. And guess what? Three hummingbirds came to have a drink out of the flowers too. They are neat how they fly, but not as neat as butterflies.

When Dad was sick I let a butterfly out in his room. The dog jumped and chased it. It was funny until Mom came in.

Later I made my own butterfly.


You can see how he was a caterpillar before. Now he is happy with his painted wings.


That's a very beautiful butterfly, Thomas!
How wonderful! I like butterflies a lot too. They are so special because of their colors. The butterfly you made is one of the most beautiful one's I've ever seen.
What a great artist! I love reading your blog! It brightens my day. Keep up the good work Thomas! :)
Very pretty, Art Lad!
Hi Thomas! I do not have a Lego Castle yet, but I will get one for Christmas! The butterfly looks very good.
I just love reading your blog, Thomas. Your pictures are very pretty, too. Keep up the good work.
We once had a monarch make it's little cocoon on our deck. It was really cool to watch it "hatch". Maybe a caterpillar will do the same for you?

This is my favorite post so far. :D I wanna try and draw a butterfly now. ^__^
Very nice work, Thomas!
What a wonderful butterfly!
i like your site. my name is aspen. i have my own too.
you are very creative.
my dad wants to know how have you had 23,000 hits in only 2 months? hes very jealous
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