Wednesday, September 14, 2005


Lotsa name for a little animal

We had to tell stories about what we drew today and this is what I drew and told about. Later I came home and told it for Dad and he wrote it down just now. It is a lot to say, so get ready.

The Prehistoric Spotted Small Orange Sabre-Whiskered Dog


This is the prehistoric spotted small orange sabre-whiskered dog.

It's a lotsa name for a little animal.


He lived a long time ago in the olden days of the woolly mammoth and the sabre-tooth tiger and the crocodile that could hold his breath for years.

He doesn't LOOK little. But he is.

Guess how little? You won't believe this.

That is NOT the grass he is on.

He is ON A LEAF!!

He was smaller than the littlest dog they have today now. He was the same size of a Hot Wheels Acceleracers car.

But he still ate spiders and mice and small eggs and even common finches.

He looks like a cross between a cheetah and a regular dog. He is related to both of them. He is their great-great-lotsa-great grandfather.

But if a dog or cheetah saw him today, they would try to eat him, because he is just the size of a bite for them. They would just go GOOMP! and try to bite him up.

But when they did...the prehistoric spotted orange small sabre-whiskered dog would tear off their whole head!

He was small, but this dog was crazy! He could eat more than anybody! Even my uncle. He put 15 Oreos in his whole mouth once.

You would not want him in your house. Or riding the bus with you. Because he was so tiny he would eat your shoes off before you could do anything. And then you'd have to go to school in your feet.

It is probably good he got extincted.

The End

It's okay, see? He is not real. I made him all up.

But next time, I think I will call him the prehistoric small spotted orange sabre-whiskered CRAZY KILLER-DILLER dog! His name will be even longer.

But he will be the same size.


Cool dog, Thomas! Wow, a bigger appetite than your uncle, huh? Based on what your Dad has written about him, that's really saying something.

I bet he was real. They just didn't find his fossils yet because he's so small.

I LOVE that you remember all my greatest achievments. Your dad only ever got 8 in, and his best friend only got 13 (although he held them all btween his thumb and forfinger and that was cool).

I can totally see you standing up and rattling this story off in class and then again at dinner time. You have your dad' ability to talk your way through anything.

You should go into improv.

Your Uncle
What a great story! I love the picture and the surprise that the dog was really standing on a leaf. :)

My favorite parts of your story are the mention of "common finches" and the line "And then you'd have to go to school in your feet."

I hope you will keep making up stories and become a writer like your dad!
Now not only are you a grand artist, you are a superb story teller too! How many talents do yu have fella? You are simply put- wonderful. I bet your Mom and Dad are very proud of all you do.
That's so awesome. You should draw more pictures of him! I know I would. :D
I really liked the surprise that he's standing on a leaf.

You mentioned that he looks part-cheetah, part-dog. Did you know that the hyena is famous for looking like a mix between a cat and a dog? Maybe the dog you drew has ancestors that evolved into the hyena, like the dinosaurs relatives evolved into birds.
Hi Thomas,

I was in my painting class yesterday, getting paint all over everything - my hands, my pants, my hair - except my canvas. I remember thinking, "I bet Thomas wouldn't be nervous about painting an apple." I am enjoying my class but as we get closer to finishing the picture, I feel like I am back to the beginning, or even further back yet.

I will take pictures at the next class and send them to your Dad to show you. I wish you were there and could help me! I'd watch you get into the painting and that would give me the inspiration I needed.

GREAT story, by the way!! You're a very talented lad, indeed, just like your Papa.

That was a good story. I especially like that he was "sabre-whiskered".
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