Friday, September 09, 2005


Art class

We have good markers in art class now.

I drew this. He is the sneaky crocodile that hides under the water. He can hold his breath in for days and years.


Then ZOMP! He eats you up!

He lost a tooth. Can you see where?

Last night, the Ninja Lady made me a picture. Of me. She says I am a prince and gave me a crown. I like it. Thank you!

It makes me think of Charlie Brown when they talk on the wall.

Dad says she is a really good writer.

She is a good drawer too.


Great work!

You're a much better artist than I was when I was about your age. Keep it up!

/ Vegar
That's a cool alligator drawing, Thomas. One time I went to Florida and saw lots and lots of alligators living in this one river. None of them tried to bite me, though, but I didn't go swimming with them either.
Hello, Mr. The Prince!

In the future, I will leave the drawing to M.Sto (my mom).

I paint my pictures with words and performance.

She is a real artist, like yourself, so she knows how to use actual paint and stuff.

:) ... is your tooth growing back yet?
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