Sunday, September 11, 2005


Faces in the paint

Mom went away and we did lots of art today and yesterday with Dad. I worked on a book about raptors and helped my sister do a silly book about a green cheetah.

I also am doing a book about a lynx cat living in a forest of badness and greatness. It is a big story and there is a wolf and an explosion. I can't tell you more yet.

We did sponge painting in art class. Everyone does pretty pictures like rainbows and blocks. But some of the sponge pieces have faces in them.

If you use black paint, you can get them out.

I saw this piece that had a scary face in it. And then when I put paint on it and squished it on the paper, it got even scarier.



I put ears on him so he would look like a bat. I don't think the teacher liked it. She said she couldn't see a face. Some of the boys could see it and they said it was cool.

But some boys couldn't see it.

It is like a magic face in the paint. Can YOU see it?

I am saving him for Halloween. Maybe I will look for more faces.

Gotta go finish my book! Bye!

I TOTALLY see the face!!!

You're a neat kid, Thomas - it's great that you can use your imagination like you do and see all these wonderful things.

You must have a very exciting and colourful world!
it looks just like a bat's face! i see the open mouth and everything ... even his pointed little teeth :) the ears were a great touch, thomas!

- inacrumbling
I can definately see it. Even before I read what you had said, I thought it looked like a bat.
Strangely enough I see it too ... and I am the kind that take ages to see abstract arts .. :)
That's a really cool painting, Thomas. It's my favorite one you've done since "Dinner."
Wow. Just - wow! That is amazing!

Cheeses! American kids are way luckier than Norwegian kids... You be happy you don't live in Norway, Thomas! =)

Keep up the great work!
I really missed reading your blog while I was out of town! It is the first one I looked at when I got back, because it's always so much fun. (Don't tell your Dad, he might get jealous.)

I really like the picture. It does look like a bat... a vampire bat maybe. It also looks a little like Mickey Mouse would look, if he got rabies or something. Scary!

Your book sounds interesting too. I've never seen a lynx except in the zoo, but I did see a bobcat once.

There are snake pictures on my blog today so you will probably like them! :)
Well, I see it! Maybe your teacher needs to take a second look.
I can see it.

But then again, I do have sweet magic. Is that cheating? I can't turn it off.

I mean, it's just who I am.

Wait, wait--

You saw the face...

Do you have some secret magic, too?
Hi Thomas!

I could see the bat too, I saw the pointy teeth first, but then I saw that his nostrils are flared and he looks so close! I think his nose is scaring me way more than his teeth. :)
I was watching the bats in the canyon just last night and they look just like that. Your teacher needs glasses =)
That is one of the scariest bats I've ever seen. Your teacher should take another look.
That's a great bat - great job! I'm sure your mom will be excited to see all of your new artwork when she gets home.
I can see the face and it gives me the heebie jeebies! You have good eyes!
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