Saturday, September 24, 2005


My new game

I liked the tag game I did last time. I like tag at school too. It is my favorite game.

Today I decided to make up my own game. I am calling it Dinosaur Tag! I will make a board and cards and use some of my little dinos for pieces.

I have to think up some rules so I can play with my sister.

All games have a box they come in. I like to look at the pictures on the boxes. They are good drawings. I made my own picture. I even did all the writing myself. It will go on the box when I am done.


See? They are running on numbers so you know it's a game.

In the olden dinosaur days, they really did play tag.

But they didn't say "Tag! You're it!"

They just said "Gulp."

And ate you.

Gotta go work on my game. Bye!

I'd play that game! Looks fun! ^_^ I'd prob'ly loose though, I'm not good at games.
oh my, Art Lad, you had me LOL with the GULP bit. Too funny- I am sure that it will be a fun game abd cant wait to see the finished product.
I am going to school because I want to be a 5th grade teacher. Yesterday, I got some homework that includes creating a board game for kids. When I came to your blog and saw your dinosaur game, it really made me smile. Maybe I'll have to find a way to use some dinosaurs!
Oh, my. Art Lad, I think you need to get your dad to look at (excuse the name) "Cheapass Games." They have one called "Biting Off Headz" that is a dinosaurs game. I think you'd love it.
Those Dino's are sweetacular!

Ever try drawing a Ninja Turtle? I would draw them all the time back when I was a kid. I wasn't very good at it though.

Good luck with the game!
What a great idea...can't wait to hear about the finished version of the game!
Haha that is hilarious! i used to make racing games as a kid. I would draw the board on paper and add stuff like: "you were bitten by crocodiles go back two spaces". I used dice to see how far each player could go.
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