Sunday, December 18, 2005


Santa is coming!

Santa is coming in one week! I saw him at the store and told him what I wanted. I want paper like Mom and Dad have in their printer but I want a pack all of my own so they won't get mad when I take theirs.

I also want the Roboraptor. He looks like a dinosaur and a robot at the same time and you can control him. I really want it but Mom says it is too big and I have too many toys already.

This weekend Dad told Mom he was going to recount all of his comic books and give some away. He had the boxes out and stacked really high and told Mom not to come down because she would knock the comics over and he would have to start all over.

I decided to go through my toys and give some things away. And there's also some things Dad gets from work that are neat toys and brand new and we drive them over to the church to give to kids who don't have a lot of money. Some of them don't even have money for shoes or food, so we give toys and money sometimes.

When I was making stacks of toys to give away, I noticed something: Dad wasn't doing any counting. I went over and looked.

The counting is A TRICK. He built a HUGE shelf for Mom's flowers so she can grow them inside. It has lights and everything. IT IS HUGE. Dad is hiding it for Christmas by stacking all his comic book boxes around and he says Mom hates comics and will never come down now. He is a sneaky Dad!

Then I read some Christmas books to my sister, but then I wanted to do my own. I got this idea that maybe an elf would go crazy just before Christmas and steal Santa's sleigh. Only he wouldn't have reindeers, but his pet alligator. And he would go around giving lizards and fish and hamsters to all the kids who asked for them but their parents said no. I ask for goldfish every year and never get them. If the crazy elf was real, he would get me a goldfish. And the Roboraptor.

I only just started, but here's the sleigh.


I need to color it in and add a bag of snakes in the back. The elf should have a red beard, like my Dad is growing. You should see it it is really scratchy and it's not red on the sides. He has white whiskers on the side and Mom said he getting old and Dad says we're not going to talk about it.

When the crazy elf goes to the first house, he visits two brothers who asked for a pet iguana. When the flying alligator lands they are shocked out of their brains because they think the alligator is for them. They are also worried they could get eaten, but he is a good alligator and only eats the abomible snowmen that live in the cold places like they showed in Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer.

See their faces?


I am working on faces a lot in my drawing. They are hard! I tried to do one of Rachel my babysitter but it didn't come out like her real face. Parts of it looked her, but other parts didn't. But I think I did a good job with the boys. They look like they have to pee in their pants!

I have to think up a good name for the crazy elf, but I think I will call the alligator Robbie the Reptile Reindeer.

I can't wait for Christmas!


Thursday, December 08, 2005


Coyote and the Cactus

I got to use paints in art class. I LOVE paints but they get messy and Mom says I can't use them so much. But I am better at them.

I wanted to do a rainbow at first, but then I wanted to do a sunset. I saw a picture of a sunset in the desert and it looked like a rainbow going down, so I did that.

Then I glued some black shadows on them Can you guess what they are?


It is a coyote and a cactus.

This coyote is a good coyote, not like the bad one on Road Runner that always gets into accidents. I am going to do a whole story. The coyote will be running from hunters and just before he gets caught, the nice cactus will drop some of its splinters and make the men jump and hop and get stuck and run away.

Then the coyote and the cactus will be friends after that. But they won't see each other a lot because cactuses don't move.

Then one day in years from now it will be really dry, the driest time ever and the coyote will find his friend, but the cactus is SO thirsty he could die. So the coyote will run and find a camel because they have LOTS of water in their bumps and he will come and give the cactus a drink. Then the two friends will sit together and watch the sun set like a rainbow.

Dad says it is a really good story. So maybe I will do more.

For now, there's just this picture. I like how they are friends but I wish the cactus could move. Then they could go on vacation together.

We are on vacation soon for Christmas. I got my list all done for Santa. Mom needs to mail it, but I have to do a picture for Santa first.


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