Thursday, December 08, 2005


Coyote and the Cactus

I got to use paints in art class. I LOVE paints but they get messy and Mom says I can't use them so much. But I am better at them.

I wanted to do a rainbow at first, but then I wanted to do a sunset. I saw a picture of a sunset in the desert and it looked like a rainbow going down, so I did that.

Then I glued some black shadows on them Can you guess what they are?


It is a coyote and a cactus.

This coyote is a good coyote, not like the bad one on Road Runner that always gets into accidents. I am going to do a whole story. The coyote will be running from hunters and just before he gets caught, the nice cactus will drop some of its splinters and make the men jump and hop and get stuck and run away.

Then the coyote and the cactus will be friends after that. But they won't see each other a lot because cactuses don't move.

Then one day in years from now it will be really dry, the driest time ever and the coyote will find his friend, but the cactus is SO thirsty he could die. So the coyote will run and find a camel because they have LOTS of water in their bumps and he will come and give the cactus a drink. Then the two friends will sit together and watch the sun set like a rainbow.

Dad says it is a really good story. So maybe I will do more.

For now, there's just this picture. I like how they are friends but I wish the cactus could move. Then they could go on vacation together.

We are on vacation soon for Christmas. I got my list all done for Santa. Mom needs to mail it, but I have to do a picture for Santa first.


Wow! Impressive as always. Sorry I haven't checked in more often lately, but I've been super busy with lots of fun projects. I had a birthday just recently too! I am almost exactly 27 years older than you :)

Anyway, when you get your story written about the cactus and the coyote, you'll have to have your dad post it for us!

Where are you going on vacation for the Holidays? I'm going skiing with my family in Colorado! I'm super excited about it.

That is a beautiful picture, Thomas! The prettiest sunsets are in the desert, I've heard. I can't wait to hear more of the story! I hope Santa gives you everything you asked for!
I love this picture Thomas! The coyote and cactus are great. I look forward to being able to read your story when it's done.
Although the cactus can't move, I bet he enjoys the stories coyote tells of his travels. That is a good basis for their friendship -- coyote likes to talk, and cactus likes to listen.
That picture is great! I love your story idea, too.
Awesome picture, Thomas! I like all the colors in the background. Hope you get everything you want from Santa!
I bet if you send Santa a picture that good, you'll get all kinds of good loot. I love the coyote. Did you know they are smaller than many dogs? I hope you have a great holidays and have some time during your vacation to draw some more pictures and post them here. I will be working the whole time and look forward to some distractions.

The black shadows were a nice idea. Very good job.
Saskatchewan also gets really nice sunsets. We don't have any mountains near by, so we can see the sun rising and setting everyday. It makes great colours like purple and pink as it sets. I will try and find some pictures I have taken that you could use as inspiration and post a link to them.
I guessed it was a coyote and a cactus right away. I like the story and think it would be a great idea for a picture book for young folks like yourself. It would be a good chance to get people thinking about the issues of drought and sustainable development at an early age.

We had beautiful sunsets like that when I lived in South Dakota (only no cactuses! or coyotes, I think).

But here in Northeastern Pennsylvania I live in a river-valley so the sun sets earlier and not quite as dramatically.
thomas, your pictures are really getting better and better! wow.
I will be waiting for the story.

It will be kept right to Moxie and the Hairball Express ... :)
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