Tuesday, January 30, 2007


What is White?


I am back!

I had a busy time in 2006. I like 2007 so far but it has been cold. We got a lot of snow and me and my friends made some snowmen. Here is a picture of one. I am on the end. My sister is in the pink jacket but you can't see her face because she is so hairy!

In school we read a book where one of the characters asked his grandfather, "What is blue?" and got a neat answer. So our teacher asked us to write a poem about a color like that. Since it is snowy now, I picked white. It doesn't rhyme but it can still be a poem because it makes you have feelings. Here it is. Dad fixed the spelling.

What is White?
By Art Lad

White is like the moon glistening in the summer night breeze.
White feels like a baseball getting caught in the warm spring air.
White tastes like gentle spring air blowing in my face.

White looks like snowflakes falling on a wintry night.
White acts like a polar bear looking for sea lions up in the freezing Arctic.
White moves like ice sheets on Antarctica's freezing water's surface.

White lives like penguins swimming in freezing water
Or walking one hundred miles like Emperor penguins do.
(Sound fun?)

White is clouds that blow overhead all over the world.

Now that's what white is.

That's a long poem, isn't it? My teacher saved it to give to Mom and Dad on Open House night. I guess they really liked it.

Now we're learning about fairy tales. Maybe I'll write one of those next.


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