Thursday, February 17, 2011


Guess who's back!!!

Hello! it's me artlad. I'm Twelve!, i know i haven't been on in forever but I have got some new artwork and lots of other things. I haven't posted anything because i just moved, twice! and before i moved i was getting into third and fourth grade, so wow! A lot has happened in a couple of years, so I'll try and describe it in a few paragraphs.

first, i started making things called stop motions, it's were you take a bunch of pictures and then edit them together. It really cool watching. This brings me into my second thing. I have an alternate blog i created for movies and stuff. I have a few posts up so here is a link, below
You can go and see it here at here. Check it out.

Second, i haven;t been drawing as much as usual, this is because i got into writing. I still draw things but not as frequently. I do have some things to post.

Third, I started Middle school this year so i have been getting bucketfuls of homework so I've been much busier than usual. But the good thing is I've finally got the hang of managing it so I only have about an hour of homework a night.

fourth, I still draw so this means i'll still be posting things, but they may be different than usual. Like today, i drew a Halo Reach picture, it's a game i got about a month ago, it's pretty cool.

Fifth, Brownie, E-claire, and Blaze have changed a lot. Here they all are. See if you can figure out who is who.

So that's all i really have to say. Remember to check out the other blog, It's called Art Lad theater.

Gotta run, my cousins are here!


Welcome back, Thomas! Will go check out your other blog now.
welcome back, artlad. you've been missed.

snort. word verification: gamer
welcome back! I have missed your updates. Now off to check your other blog.
so glad that your back. when will something new be up?
My nephew made lots of stop-motion films when he was around your age. Now he's at DePaul University studying cinema and other related subjects. Stick with it, if you love it!
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