Friday, July 07, 2006


Guess What?


Bad guys stole him but Dad GOT HIM BACK!

He looks skinny to me. I don't think they fed him. Mom says he's still fat. But I gave him some turkey out of the refrigerator and he ate the whole bag almost.

Blaze had a lot of boo-boos, but he was so happy to see my sister, he started doing his happy dance. That's where he rolls around on the rug. I got a picture.


Dad says he has to clean the rug now. Blaze is kinda stinky. He smells like pee and Fritos.

I am going to do a Welcome Home card for Blaze and put it on his cage.

My sister got so happy she started to cry. Dad says that happens.

I didn't cry. I just yelled real loud.



Blaze may have his boo-boos but I'm sure he doesn't mind all the attention he's getting. In fact, I'll bet he's just loving every second of being back. Give him a good ear-scratching for a fan of you and your dad's over in California, huh?
I'm so glad you have Blaze back...and I know he's ecstatic to be home! Take good care of him while he's healing!
Congrats, Thomas! Blaze seems like a really cool dog, and I bet he was just as happy to be back as you were to see him.
I am happy to hear that your beloved blaze is back home safe and sound!!!! He is a very lucky dog to have you, your sister, your mom and dad as owners!!!!

Take care Thomas!!!
I'm glad you got Blaze back! I bet he's just as happy to be back as you are to have him back!

Have a great summer, Thomas!

YOur friend,
I was so happy to learn that Blaze made it home, safe and sound. You folks take very good care of your pet - must be all that love you have for him!

Awesome, Awesome, AWESOME!!!

Thanks for posting, I really enjoy what you have to say.
I was very worried about Blaze and Im glad he's home too. I love the photo of his happy dance. When my dog Dixie the Bluetick Coonhound does that we call it "tummy dog" 'cause she shows off her tummy. You can see pictures of her at Book2 chapter 7. It's a website of stories about some dogs and their people.

ps: I love your blog and your drawings are the best part.
Jasmine does a happy dance a lot like that!
You know Thomas, I have to admit, when I found out that Blaze was home, I cried too. Cried a bunch. Guess it's a girl thing.

I cannot tell you how happy I am for all of you. Give that dog some love from me. And please post a picture of the Welcome Home card you make for him if you get the chance.
I'm so glad your dog is back. Your dad's a hero and Blaze is a wonder dog:)
What Beverly said: you've got a gread dog, and a hero for a dad!

Keep up the great drawing!
I'm sure Blaze is one happy fella to be back home safe and to be getting extra treats such as turkey. My dog loves her special treats and goes wooo! woooo! wooo! when I get home- she is ready for her cookie. She does a happy dance just like Blaze too and she stinks pretty bad from playing in the water all the time- but I love her anyway and give her lots of hugs. She needs them and so does Blaze.
I am so so so so so so glad you got your dog back! :)
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