Saturday, May 20, 2006


ZOW! I came BACK!

I am back! Dad showed me all the emails from people who wondered where I went. The answer is--nowhere! We came back from Florida and I have been home the whole time since. But when I saw how long since my last time--it was 74 days!--I made of list of what happened since then.

--In March Dad got sick and went in the hospital (he is all better now).

--At the last of March Grandma and Papa came to visit from New Hampshire and Grandma's birthday happened (she is 62!! I made her a card and made this hat from a kit. I took the picture. She looks like the Statue of Liberty, only not green.)


--In April my aunt and uncle and cousins Gregory and Baby Grace came for Easter.


I drew this picture for Baby Grace. Blue is her favorite color. Guess who it is!


--On April 23rd Mom and Dad's wedding turned 12 years old (I made them a card. I don't have a picture to go with it.)

--Then on April 30th my sister turned 5!


I took that picture too! I am doing more pictures and not drawing so much.

Dad took this picture. I am 7 and a half on the same day as my sister's birthday, but she wouldn't give me ANY cake!


I still made her a card and gave her a Robopet to play with my Roboraptor I got for Christmas.


(But his head got bit off.)


--On May 3rd Grammy and Grandpa came to visit from Ohio and Grammy's birthday happened (she is 60 now and she was NOT happy about it).


--On May the 5th Papa got his shoulder repaired by an operation. It is getting better but it still hurts (I made him a card. He said he would send a picture of the holes in his shoulder but he hasn't yet).

--In May I also started playing games in Little League (we have practiced since April). Last year I was in T-Ball league and this year now we hit balls from a pitcher. I was no good at the start but now I am getting good. Dad practices with me in the back yard.

The other day, I knocked Dad's balls into the fence and one of them got stuck! It took Dad a long time to pull it out.


--Last week I got a LOFT BED!


It is the best. And I don't fall out. The only bad thing is Blaze can't sleep on it. He lays on the rug and cries!

That is my list so far. But there is even more. Dad's birthday is soon. And SCHOOL IS OVER SOON! I learned lots of math and did more writing than ever. It has been a busy time.

Next time I will go back and tell you about some Disney things I took pictures of. And I made up a story called Super Pig that I will tell you.




Thanks for the update, and all the great pictures!

My brothers used to play T-ball when they were kids, but my nephew Connor plays soccer now. He is turning 7 in November. He really likes it!

Your loft bed is great! Connor sleeps on a top bunk too, but there is another bed and his little brother Logan (3) sleeps on it. It's an old bunk bed that my mom (Connor's Grandma) used to sleep on when she was a little girl! Not only that, but it was built by my mom's grandfather! All I can say is, it was built pretty well :)

Are you excited about summer vacation? Will you be going on any fun trips? Maybe to visit Papa and Grandma?
Hey Thomas, glad to hear you've been staying busy and having fun. That is a cool bed you got there! Looking forward to your story when you get it published here.
Cool post, Thomas. I really like your red chair- looks comfy.
Yay! It is exciting to see and read about everything you have been doing!

Your new bed is great! I think it would be fun to sleep way up high like that!

The Twinkie has been doing a lot of writing too - she is going to be on the Yearbook and Newspaper at school next year, so she is really excited! She gets out of school on WEDNESDAY!

Can't wait to see more!

Old Auntie Thim :)
Yay, Thomas is back! Sounds like you've had a lot of birthday parties! Your loft bed looks really neat! Good luck in Little League, I hope you hit a home run!

Have fun this summer, Thomas, and we all look forward to more posts and pictures, and drawings!
Gosh kiddo, when you blog, you really blog! I really liked all your pictures and the stories that went with them. I hope you have a wonderful summer!
Thomas, your loft bed is the coolest! I didn't get one of those until I was in college!
very cool chair, thomas. it looks like a hand, or maybe a catcher's mitt. neat!

you're getting really good at taking pictures! and i really like the bunny you drew for grace.

enjoy the rest of your spring!
Excellent update, Thomas - nice to see what fun you've been having!

I agree with the others - that bed and CHAIR are awesome!
Thanks for the update Thomas. I love the drawing. Is that Blue from Blue's Clues?

The bed is too cool, as is the red chair.

Now, for the robopet, do you think a three year old (almost four) would like one? My son is a huge dinosaur fan, but I don't think he's old enough for a roboraptor just yet. Any advice for me?

Looking forward to your next update?
Yay! You're back! I figured you were busy with school. I can't wait to see what art you do over the summer with more free time. Keep up the great photography, too! I have to work all summer. :( But now and then I get to sneak off and go floating on a creek with my friends. I hope you have lots of fun stuff planned for the summer. Keep us updated!

Wow Thomas you sure have been busy. You are a really good photographer. Austin liked the picture of the baseball. Have fun this summer.
Hi Thomas, I am so glad you are back! Sorry I didn't see it before now. I am so jealous of your loft bed. I have always wanted one, but I only got to sleep in one at camp and for a little while at college. They really are the best.

Have fun with the photography. I like seeing your drawings and your pictures.
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