Sunday, May 28, 2006


It's Super Pig!!


I think. There is a party this week anyway.

Next year my sister starts kindergarten at my school. Mom cried last week because Dad told my sister she'd be riding the bus by herself. But that is not true. I said I would ride the baby kindergarten bus (it comes first, before my bus) so she wouldn't be scared. BUT I AM ONLY DOING IT A COUPLE OF TIMES.

Dad asked me what my favorite things were about school. I liked sharing time, which is like show-and-tell, only they call it sharing time. I liked having computers in our class because they used to have computers in this smelly room that smelled like yucky water and that was where we had to go last year.

I guess I liked my teacher best because she would let me do funny things. We did a lot of writing this year and she asked us to write stories. Sometimes she would give us the start, like "Once upon a time, there was a big cat named Goo-Goo Boy..." and then you had to finish the sentence or write a story. We also had to learn about the pieces of sentences. We learned about subjects and nouns and verbs and some others, like the ones that describe things. You know, like saying "the fat dog" and fat is the describer.

Dad says it's an adjective. That's right.

Anyway, one day in class, we had to write a big long sentence using all the parts that we learned. It had to have the subject, what he did, where he did it and when he did it. Some people didn't even do the whole thing. Some people did dumb sentences like "Andrew wrote on the paper in the class today."

I wrote this:


Andrew said it was dumb, but when Mrs. Dodd got the papers and read them, she got to mine and made a noise in her nose and had to go blow it before stuff came out. Some people laughed because they thought it was funny. Mrs. Dodd said I should do a whole story about the Adventures of Super Pig.

Here's a drawing I did in school waiting for the bus:


See? He's burping. I will do a better picture with my markers. But I made up the story in my head: Super Pig is the superest animal on earth and he goes around saving them from hunters and mean guys. He even saves dogs and wolves and things that eat pigs.

When he's done being Super Pig, he rubs mud on his face so they look like glasses and then he goes to work as Pork Kent. I don't know what he does for work, though. I still have to figure it out.

If I get the story done before school is over, I will give it to Mrs. Dodd as a present because I won't have her next year. I will miss her. I had her for kindergarten AND first grade.

If I don't get the story done in time, I will just give her a color drawing of Super Pig and write a letter. It will say:

Dear Mrs. Dodd,

Thank you for teaching to me all this long time. Here is a picture of Super Pig. You are just like him. I will come by sometimes to say HI!


Dad says Mrs. Dodd might think I said she was a pig, because of the sentence I wrote. But she knows I was talking about the super part. She is smart and she teaches all about sentences. Dad doesn't. I bet he is wrong. Dads are not all the time right, you know.

I will write more when school is over NEXT WEEK!!!


Hey Thomas, I thought the sentence was really funny. Thanks for helping me start the day with a smile. Good luck writing your story!
Thomas, you have quite an imagination! When you write the Super Pig story, have you dad post it here, along with any pictures! We'd like to read it too!

And I think that's nice that you'll ride with your sister a few times. You're a good kid!
Super Pig sounds like a super idea! He'd especially come in handy for my little wolf guy - he gets in trouble all the time. :D

I can't wait to see more of Super Pig!
Pork Kent! That is the funniest thing I've read this week!
Can somebody explain to a little french visitor (I'm 8 years old))what
is "yucky water" ? It doesn't exist in our dictionnery !
SuperPig looks a good guy (just like me!)

Oh my gosh, Thomas. I made a funny noise in my nose when you were writing about Pork Kent. I can't wait to hear more about his adventures!! Thanks for sharing.
Pour Raptor:


Je suis le pere d'Art Lad. Je parle/j'ecrit francais seulement un peu. Je m'excuse! C'est terrible!

Art Lad me dit que "yucky water" est une odeur comme moisissure. C'est mal pour les ordinateurs et aussi pour les etudiantes!

Nous esperons que vous retournez bientot!

Sincerement votre,

Art Lad et son pere, MM
Hi, Thomas!
I think Pork Kent is the greatest secret identity name ever. Clark Kent worked as a newspaper reporter, maybe Pork could be a writer too. Hmmm. Maybe he should be a magazine writer like someone you know very well!
I love it! What a great idea. :)
Pork Kent is a GREAT secret identity. I hope the whole story gets written and put here, because I sure would like to read it.

Aside to MM: You speak FRENCH, too?!? Je mal a la tete...
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