Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Eaten almost by alligators!

I am back from Florida and Disney and we had the BEST time. I am going to live in Florida when I grow up. Know why? It is FULL of lizards! I could have a whole job following them and catching them.

We had lots of fun at Disney--even when Dad got sick and threw up and started seeing things--and I will tell about that soon.

But our first time in Florida was to go to Grammy and Grandpa's. They live in a new house with trees and lizards everywhere. They are very fast like super-speed Flash lizards, but I have fast eyes and I could see them. I tried to catch some but they were too fast. I did get to pet one with my finger before he ZHOOOPED away in the air. Maybe when I am older I will catch them.

Dad has bad eyes and didn't see ANY lizards. He gave me his camera which is fast and you can take lots of pictures at once. So I creeped into a bush and waited. Papa in New Hampshire used to hunt things and he said the best way to see animals is to DON'T MOVE. So I didn't. It was hot in the bushes and Dad was making lots of noise, but I was super quiet and then ZOW! There he was.

I took a zillion pictures. Later, when I put them on the TV I saw these two. Can you see him? He was right front of Dad the whole time and he couldn't see him. But I did!

Here is the first one. See him?


Then he slinked around the tree and came back on a branch to look at me. I got him then too!


These are the best pictures I ever took. I think I want to learn more about cameras so I can be like Austin Stevens on Animal Planet. He travels all around the world shooting snakes and lizards and then makes a TV show out of it. I would like that for a job.

I saw a snake too. And we got chased by an alligator AS BIG AS ME! Dad was so brave he carried me away from the swamp and we got away. He said if the alligator had grabbed me he would have jumped on him and made him grab him instead. I wish Blaze had been with us. Blaze would have made an alligator sandwich.

But it is good no one got hurt. The alligator was just protecting his home. I snuck up later and got some more pictures. I stayed a ways away so they aren't very good.

But you can see him here.


I think he really wanted to eat me. I never had anything want to eat me before. It is scary.

Later we saw more lizards and went swimming. Then we went to Disney and I had the best time, even if Dad didn't go. He stayed in bed at the hotel and talked to people who weren't there. It was kind of funny. I will tell you about Disney soon.



Those pictures of the lizards are very good. Maybe you can be like Daniel Cook and have your very own show while you are still young and enthusiastic. http://www.treehousetv.com/parents/tvShows/daniel_cook/index.asp
Those are really wonderful pictures, and it sounds like you had a great trip. You should ask your dad to buy you your very own digital camera at a yard sale or on ebay. I have a 5 year old son who uses an old camera to take pretty cool pictures too. But I don't think he has the lizard-spotting ability you have.
Jen in VA
Mr. Lad,

Your camera-work shows great promise. Aquire a camera equal to your parents' camera and aquire a serious, grownup book on wildlife photography. Treat your art with great respect, the respect that you have earned through such grand pictures in this post. Forget your age and experience and get out there and live your life.
Awesome pictures, Thomas! One of my favourite things to do at our cottage is to take pictures of all the creatures that live there...frogs, chipmunks, squirrels, snakes, and a salamander!
Thomas - I think Jen has a great idea. You need to ask for a digital camera for your birthday. Your pictures are GREAT! You are one talented young man. Congratulations on escaping the alligator AND being brave enough to go back and get pictures, even from far away. I would be too chicken! I can't wait to hear about Disney.
Hey Thomas, glad you got away from the alligator! Florida sounds really cool. Hope you had fun at Disney!
Great pictures, and I'm glad you didn't get eaten by alligators!

I think your lizard is a Brown Anole (Cuban Anole). There is some more info about it here and here.
Great pictures of the lizard- even the BIG one. I had a green lizard living in my house last year and named him Gozilla. We have lots of lizards in the south because we have so many bugs for them to eat.

I'm glad you enjoyed Disney. Which was your favorite part?
I can't believe what good pictures you took of that lizard! Great job Thomas!

I can't wait to hear about Disney, it's still one of my favorite vacation spots.
(So THAT'S why your dad kept mentioning them alligators in his last post!)

Those pictures are AWESOME, Thomas! And you've become quite an artist! Photography, blogging, drawing, painting, reading, writing... You're gonna make it HUGE, kid!
Welcome back Thomas! Those really are great pictures of the lizards. Keep taking pictures! I love seeing them. =)
Dear Thomas,
I am very glad that you had a great time in Florida. You don't know me but I've been reading about your artwork for a long time now. You do great pictures.

Lizards are very fun. Did you know that they can change colors? Once I sat down on the chair on my porch and felt something move under my butt. It turned out to be a lizard with a blue tail! I was happy he was just a lizard and not a snake. I'm sure he was happy there was a cushion and I didn't smoosh him! Hahaha!

Did you see any of the frogs that we have here in Florida? They climb trees and walls, they are so neat to look at!

Keep writing and taking pictures. You do a very good job!
Karry in Florida
Glad to hear you had fun at Florida
Super pictures! You've have a real talent!
Thats so cool!

I have several lizzards as pets and 4 big snakes too. I wish I could have an allagator but my husband says NO. :(. Keep up the good work art lad!
Hi Artlad,
I'm french and I'm 7 (1/2) like you.
You're lucky with those lizards,I like
animals like yours..In the classroom,
we had a big and green one last year.
We studied "him",and we catched crickets
(as food )for him..
(Sorry,I just forgot the name of my blog:
http://planetevictor.canalblog.com !)
Where's Thomas?!? It's been a while since I've seen any signs of life over here.

I need some crazy pictures of dogs and lizards!

I hope all is well!
Dear Thomas,
You don't know me but I just found your Blog and I think it awesoem. Your mom and dad must be proud to have such a cool kid.
I have two little boys. Ben is 9 and Cameron is 7 1/2. We just moved to Quebec last June from Nova Scotia. Get Dad to show you on a map. Cameron likes to draw a lot too especially robots and aliens. Ben draws houses and flowers a lot.
Keep up the great work.
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