Tuesday, February 14, 2006


Valentine Dinos!

Wow, it has been a month almost. I have been very busy. I am reading a ton now and reading things all by myself. I am liking reading almost as much as drawing. But drawing is still my favorite.

I tried to draw a goodbye card for Great-Papa because he died a couple Sundays ago and he is in heaven now. Dad went and saw the body. I was sad because he was nice. We had good talks on the phone, even though he talked funny--like Grandma only worse. We both liked baseball. I sent him a thank-you because he sent me money at Christmas and I used it to buy some paper and pens. I sent Dad a picture to give to him. He is the first person I ever met who was dead.

We also had some busy things at school, like Fun Night, where the school gets like a carnival and there are rides and games to play. That was fun!

But today was Valentine's Day. I made special cards for my good friends and the rest got cards from a box. I made Mrs. Dodd a heart one and I did that for my friends. Caitlin gave me a lollypop and a coupon to get a donut because she knows I like them. She is nice for a girl and Dad says it's okay to be friends with girls so we are friends.

I made her a Valentine out of red paper and glued squiggly white paper around it. She liked that.

I made this card for my Dad. It has dinosaurs in it. They didn't have cards in the dinosaur days so this tells what they did instead. My sister screamed but Dad liked it. I colored it on the computer and wrote the words myself. Here it is.


We are going away on vacation soon. Dad says it needs to come sooner. He is really tired and says he can't wait. We are going to Florida where it is sunny and part of the time we are going to Disney. That will be neat. I will draw lots of pictures. I really want to see the Animal Kingdom.

Guess what? I am in a book!

Me and the Animal Planet Lady and the Twinkie! It is this book.


It doesn't have any of my pictures, but that is okay. I have never been in a book before.

Dad is not in the book, which I think is dumb. But he doesn't mind it. He says he is more happy that I am in there. I guess I need to put more stuff here in case people come looking.

It was a neat thing to find out. It was like an extra Valentine for me.

But not as good as the lollypop Caitlin gave me.



Hey Thomas, very cool Valentine that you drew. Congratulations on your blog being in that book, and have fun at Disneyworld!
Hey Thomas, Happy Valentine's Day! That was a really cool card you made your dad! I am so jealous that you are going to Disney, that is my favorite place ever! I am glad to see you have new stuff on your blog, I missed it!

Congratulations on being in the book! I feel honored to be in the same book with you.

Sorry about your Great-Papa.

That's a very nice and funny dino Valentine! Knowing how to spell "Arrrrgghhh" will be important later in life. Especially when you are friends with more girls.

Have fun on vacation!
I love that Valentine you made for your dad! It's awesome! (Or, dare I say, hawesome. Ask your dad if you don't know that word ;>)

Caitlin sounds nice! It's great to have friends who pay attention to things you like. I think being thoughtful is one of the greatest things you can do in your life. (That's why it's also great that you always send people thank you cards!)

I'm sure you will have so much fun in Disney World! I've only been there once...I want to go again!
Wow! I've never been in a book. That's really cool! :)

Girl's aren't all that bad to be friends with. (My dad doesn't want me to be friends with boys though, but I am anyway. :) )

I'm glad you had a good valentine's day. I like the valentine you made your dad. :)


Flip is so excited! When I got home today, the first thing she told me was "Art Lad is in the Best of Blogs Book! With Twinks and Animal Planet Lady!" Wicked cool, buddy!

I'm sorry about your Great-Papa. Your dad told some really nice stories about him. He sounds like he was a pretty cool grandpa.

I hope you take lots of pictures (and DRAW lots of pictures on your trip to Disneyworld). I went there with my dad when I was Flip's age and we a lot of fun. I know you will too.

Oh, and don't listen to Flip, she's too young to know anything. Girls are awesome, it's boys that are yucky. I keep telling her this, but I don't think she believes me.
That dino picture is awesome!

Do you like the ninja turtles? When I was a little bit older than you my friends and I use to draw them all the time.

I'm not good at drawing so I quit.

Keep up the good work!
wow! i love the valentine dinos! our family made valentine dino cookies (along with heart and star cookies)! my husband ted put a little heart on one of the dinos...you guys must think alike or something!
Hello Thomas! Your dinos are wonderful. Good use of color too. I try and look in now and again to see your art. Thanks for sharing it! I have a little art school in NH and exhibit my student's art in my gallery and local library. We made a permanant exhibit in the children's room back in 1997 and people still want to buy things in there today! I love showing their art because it belongs on walls I think instead of the fridge all the time. I will keep checking in. Keep going! It's great!
p.s. i also read your dad's blog because it is very funny.
Thomas, for a minute your Dad had me scared that you'd been eaten by alligators.

Hope you will be back soon with some drawings of your vacation adventures!
hey, I"m in the book too!! you rock, art boy!!!
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