Thursday, January 05, 2006


Out of my head

School is back and I am at a new table. I sit with Derek and Devin and Luis. No one talks to Luis because he doesn't speak like us. He speaks Spanish so all he can talk to is the teacher because she can speak Spanish. Also Luis poked somebody with a pencil and got in trouble at the beginning of the year.

Dad said HE would poke somebody too if no one could understand him when he talked (and he talks a lot). So I got an idea and started watched Dora the Explorer with my sister. Dora is loud and bossy like my sister and that's why she likes it. But Dora speaks Spanish sometimes and they do it on Sesame Street too.

Anyway, I learned how to say "Hi"--you say it "Hola!"--to Luis and told him my name. He got really excited and started talking fast to me. I will have to learn some more before we can have a real talk.

But Mrs. Dodd was really happy with me and now she has me sit with him. I hope he won't poke me with a pencil. We are amigos now, so that means friends.

We had art class and my teacher told me I was good at drawing pictures out of my head, but I should try something new. She gave me homework: I have to draw a picture by looking at something and then drawing what I see. It is easier when it is all in your head, but when you have to copy what you see it is tricky.

I did my Roboraptor.


Here's how he really looks.


Here's my drawing.


Dad thought I traced a picture of Roboraptor, but Mom watched me (she took the picture) and said no. Dad couldn't believe it! He says it is really good, but I wish I got the neck better.

My teacher really liked it too. She put it on the wall outside. Everyone else did pictures of their Mom or Dad or dog or a bowl of fruit. Mine is the only dinosaur.

Luis asked me what it was, and I said "Esto es El Roboraptor!" but I don't know how to say more in Spanish. I wanted to tell him all the tricks it can do.

I have a lot to learn this year.



What a good thing to do, to learn Spanish and be Luis' friend. He sounds like a nice boy, and I don't think you have to worry about him poking you with a pencil. You're a very good boy, Thomas :)

And that's a fabulous picture of your Roboraptor! I wish I could draw like you.
That's cool that you're getting to know spanish with Luis! I can't speak very much, and when I do my friends laugh at me because I don't say things right.

I love your picture of your roboraptor! I always found 'Still-life' to be hard too. I never liked it. (My art teacher has all my drawings though, so I wouldn't be able to show. :P) But practice makes perfect! :)

Wow, that picture of Roboraptor is amazing! I wish I could draw like that when I was your age. You know, I heard Picasso could draw super-real at like age 10... maybe you'll be the next Picasso?
Thomas, you are so cool! Learning a new language is an awesome thing to do, and doing it to have a chance to know someone new is about the best reason I can think of. I'm not surprised Luis was excited to hear you speaking in his language. I speak English, and I live in Iowa, so it's no problem, but if I lived somewhere people spoke another language, I would miss talking to people so much.
And your Roboraptor drawing is terrific. I'm impressed.
El Roboraptor es mui bueno!

My nephew got a Roboraptor from Santa, too. We all think it's the coolest toy ever.

Feliz ano nuevo (Happy New Year)
Excellent drawing, young Art Lad. I like to draw things I see more than out of my head, but I find that once I have drawn something, it is now in my head for later drawing. So, you've just stored up in your head (and in your hand) how to draw the Roboraptor. I expect that you'll be able to draw it from memory before too long.

Excellent work, by the way. I am sure your teacher will have loads of your drawings to hang up this year.

And excellent for making a new friend. Mui bien! (that means very good).
Your Roboraptor is very cool! I think I would run if it were coming after me though.

And your drawing of it is excellent. I especially like how you included its hand a little bit in the picture too.

Also you are very smart to learn Spanish, and nice too.

By the way my mother accidentally poked herself with a pencil once when she was little, and there is still a blue mark there!

Hasta luego!
Good luck learning Spanish, Thomas! I grew up in New Mexico and while I took some Spanish in high school I've forgotten most of it. The younger you start learning another language the easier it is, so I think you're wise to start now.

Very cool drawing of the Roboraptor, also.
By the time I read your story for today, Flip had already read it, so when I said "Wow!" she knew I was talking about your roboraptor picture. It's wicked good!

It's really hard to be the one kid in the class who's different. Flip has a little brother who is different and, though he never says, sometimes I worry that he gets lonely. I wish that more people (especially grownups!) could be good friends like you are with Luis. You're a good kid.
Great drawing, Thomas!

I'm glad you're learning some Spanish - it's a very easy language and lots of fun. When I was just a bit older than you, I took out a book from the library and studied on my own.

Also, when I first moved to North America, I couldn't speak any English either and it was very hard. I wish someone had learned my language to talk to me then. :)

Good luck!

PS I found your blog through Rurality a few months ago.
Happy New Year, Thomas. :)

My mom learned a little Spanish when she was a little girl living in the Philippines, but I've always been too busy teaching myself Filipino to really try to learn any other language!

Your Roboraptor drawing is really good, but you knew that already. It's great when you see your practise start to pay off, isn't it?
WOW!! I can't believe you drew your Roboraptor so well! I am very impressed, Thomas, and I'll bet that Luis would tell you that it was "Muy bueno!" (that means "very good!").

Learning Spanish is very hard, but you will really like it! Starting at your age will help you remember it better when you're old like me!

I can't wait to see more drawings of "real life" things!

First, I am envious of your drawing ability. I am a painter, but because I have no drawing ability I am an abstract expressionist. I would give up donuts if I could draw!

Second, learning Spanish to make another person feel better, really, that is something to admire.

I don't know = Yo no say
I don't understand = No comprendo
Please = Poor fayvor
I like it = May goosta
Hi i'm Pixie Potter and you draw really well for a seven year old. When you go to middle school. (That's after 5th gade) You can take art class if your school has it. My niece LOVES Dora the Explorer. She loves to say "Swiper no swiping!" I have a blog it's and Pixie Potters Adventures! I babysit a little boy who's also named Thomas I tagged him on my blog and you can see what he looks like because he has TONS of pictures. Please comment on my blog!

Pixie Potter from Gryfindor
I got poked with a pencil in class one time. I still have the mark. But I don't think Luis will poke you with a pencil, so don't worry. I tried to learn Spanish so that I could talk to someone who didn't speak English one time - it was a very fun thing to do - it was fun to teach him some English too! Teaching each other is a fun way to spend time with someone and learn all about them. Good Luck - I predict that you and Luis will become great friends for life!!

Your friend,
This was nice!
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