Thursday, January 19, 2006


Crazy Lady!

I drew another portrait, but this was of someone I never saw before. Dad said the police do this when bad guys get away and they have an artist draw the picture of bad guy just from what people say they saw. That would be a neat job.

The new portrait was of the Crazy Lady that came to our house. She came over when I was at school and Dad was at work so only Blazey was around to protect Mom and my sister. Then yesterday she drove her car at Mom and my sister and was going to get out and yell some more, but Blaze stopped her. He thinks my sister is his puppy! One time, when Dad was tickling my sister and she screamed, Blaze came over and bit my dad on the ear, so you know he likes her.

Anyway, even though she was in her car, my sister saw her and also sawthe whole thing last time. She told me what the lady looked like, so I drew a cartoon head of her.

This is the Crazy Lady:


"Does that look like her?" I asked my sister.

"Yes," she said. "Except for one thing. You forgot to make her mouth REALLY open, like Lucy in Charlie Brown."

This morning, the Crazy Lady did something else but Dad wants to tell about it. Mom is real upset about the Crazy Lady. Dad was mad at first, but now he has a smarty, sneaky look when I ask about her. When Dad gets the smarty sneaky look it means he has a trick or a surprise that he knows about that you don't. He has it on RIGHT NOW while he is helping me write this.

I wish I could draw it. It is a good look.


Thomas, you would be really good at drawing pictures of bad guys for the police! Maybe you can use the picture on your Dad's blog as an inspiration to draw your dad's smarty sneaky look. Good luck!

That lady looks pretty crazy! I hope your Dad can help her settle down. He seems like the King of smart and sneaky.
great drawing kid! i wish i had a dad like yours who encourage you to be an artist as early as now. good luck then and keep on drawing and writing too!
great job - that lady looks really crazy. you are such the artist!
She does look crazy! You really captured it, Thomas. :)

Might I suggest 'drawing inside out'? It may sound wierd, but it works for me. You start off with circles and shapes to make the 'inside', and then move to the outside. I suggest drawing the insides in pencil and then drawing the outside in pen. Then you can erase the inside and color in where the pen stays. :)

Keep drawing, Thomas!
I love your drawings and I remeber a while back you draw a wolf on a web site and I wanted to share another site like that with you. You draw a picture then you swap with someone ele and you see their drawing, I thought you might like this. ^_^ Have a good night!
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