Tuesday, January 17, 2006


Cartoon heads!

Some people sent me emails saying they wanted more things here. But I have been really busy at school. I am reading A LOT now. I had homework this week where I had to read two books and talk about them. I picked a book about wild cats and a book about lizards.

I am doing pictures of people now--Dad says they are portraits--and it is even harder to draw people's faces than drawing the Roboraptor. Even when you tell people to sit still they are always moving in their face. So I am drawing them like comic strip people, like Mr. Feiffer does.

Here is one of my sister:


And here's what she really looks like with her bear.


Because it is a comic it does not really look like her, except maybe her hair. Dad said a lot of artists do these and other funny portraits of people in funny ways, but I forget what they're called [caricatures]. Our art teacher says it's good to want to draw like Mr. Feiffer, but Mr. Feiffer and all the others had to learn drawing rules first. Then you can do what you want, she said.

Dad said that's true, but I've been breaking the rules at home FOREVER so it's okay to break the rules when I draw. That made me happy. Rules make drawing hard and then it's no fun.

Thomas, I like your cartoon picture of your sister, because, like the other pictures I've seen of her on your dad's blog, it shows her looking away from the viewer. Somehow you caught one of her expressions, even if every detail doesn't look exactly the way she looks in real life. I think an artist who can do that is a lot more impressive. Anyway, if we want to see exactly what she looks like, we can look at a picture. Your teacher is right that learning the rules can help you, but I think you already have some art abilities that are more important. I think you are lucky to have a teacher for the rules and parents who help you learn when it's ok to break the rules. Keep drawing!
I'm glad you found time to draw a little, with all your work at school.

I think that drawing faces is the hardest thing for almost everybody!
I think you've discovered a secret about drawing, Thomas...you do it because it's fun. The more you do it, the better you'll get, so having fun when you do it is very important.
Hi Thomas! I was never good at drawing faces, it was too hard for me! I think it is really cool that you drew a picture of your sister! You should put that in a frame for her so she can keep it forever. I know that if my big brother drew a picture of me, I would keep it with me forever!

You should draw your daddy some time!
Tagged you art lad! NOw you have to answer questions!

1.Whats your fav. color?
2.Wats you fav. animal?
3.What do you like 2 draw most?
4.Do you like monkeys?
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