Wednesday, November 02, 2005


Old and tired

I am really tired from being sick and having my party. Papa says you get tired more when you get old, so I guess he's right. I have lots to tell you, but maybe later.

My sister got me lots of candy, though. And Grandma hid some candy around the house so I got to find it. It was like my own trick-or-treat. Grandma is the best!

And LOOK WHAT FLIP DREW! I love the SNAKE! It looks like ME!

I want to draw like her.

Oh! And L. did one too. Silly Dad was supposed to put that in last time, but forgot. I like that big lizard!! Thank you!!

Last week we had a scary thing happen but I told it all over at Dad's Web place. Here is a bit of it:

I was just then drawing a picture of a mouse digging in his hole. And guess what? At the same time I heard scratching and digging noises! Like a mouse!

I looked all around.

Then I heard it: There was scratching noises coming from the garage door!

I told Dad. He was putting dishes in the dishwasher. I waved my mouse picture and yelled, I said, "Dad, I think there's a mouse like this one scratching on the garage." But all Dad said was, "Oh, I forgot to feed the dog!" The garage is where the dog food is.

And my sister says, "I'll do it." She'll do ANYTHING not to have to eat her beans. Also she loves Blaze and she always gives him more food than anyone. So Dad gave her the scoop and she walked to the garage door.

I couldn't hear the scratching then, but that's because Blaze started growling. He was under the table eating crumbs and all of a sudden he was going GGGURRRURRR.

I got scared and jumped up on my chair. I yelled my head off! "Don't open the door! There's a monster in the garage!" But my sister never listens to anything. She just made a nyah-nyah face and opened the door.

Then she screamed her face off!

(I tried to tell her.)

I looked and there were lotsa blurs. But I saw it: A GIANT MONSTER RAT FACE was in the garage with teeth right by my sister!

If you want to read the rest--and see my picture of the MONSTER RAT FACE, go read it over there. I'm the #2 story.

And Dad promises there are no dots at the end to make you wait.


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'Thought & Humor'
Hi Thomas! I'm glad you got the picture-- I was starting to wonder about that! But I'm glad you like it. =)
Wow, you have a lot of friends who can draw really good!

We had one of those Monster Rats come visit us at our old house, but it wasn't nearly that exciting. He just ate the cat's food and growled at us and walked away. They don't come around here at the farm, because Jasmine is a lot bigger than a cat!
Belated Happy Birthday!

My parents always used to read a prayer at my birthday that included a quote from a fellow artist, Pablo Picasso: "It takes a long, long time for one to become young."

Some 30 years since I first remember hearing it, I'm still trying to figure out exactly what he meant....
Happy Birthday, Thomas! I just started reading your blog. It's very good. Thanks for writing it. I enjoy the drawings, also.
Wow, Thomas! Flip's picture is so completely excellent! And L.'s picture is wonderful too! It sounds like you had a really great birthday!

Even though you didn't get to go Trick-or-Treating, you had a really great costume!

I have to go - The Twinkie and I are going to make popcorn!

Your friend, T. :)
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