Wednesday, November 09, 2005


The Hairball Express!

Guess what? I was Star of the Week last week and got to pick my favorite books and be line leader and bring someone for lunch. So I brought Dad!

He ate lunch with me and my friends Nathan and Derrick and also some girls who come and sit too.

(Dad wants me to say who, but I don't want to. JUST SOME GIRLS!)

Then we played out on the climbing wall. Alyssa stepped on my hand and I fell about 50 feet and landed on the ground but I was okay.

Inside we had sharing time and story time mooshed together. I told everyone about my Dad and then he told my favorite stories. One was Mr. Gaiman's Goldfish book.

The other was The Hairball Express.

It is OUR story. We made it up together when we were waiting for my baby sister to come out. Back then we had a kitty Moxie--this was way before we got Blaze--and she was a funny kitty. She would bite you if you grabbed her. But if you sat quiet or just played trains, she would come and sit with you or even jump on the train table and move the trains around.

Moxie was an old biting cat and she bit me really bad so Mom and Dad said she had to go live with Grandma so she wouldn't bite me or my baby sister. I was sad about that so I told Dad to make up a story so that Moxie could come visit. And so that's how it started.

Anyway, Dad told the story from his memory. Sometimes he does the sound of the train and old man who snores and the mean dogs and sometimes I do them. I did them in my class while Dad told the story. Everyone yelled at the part where the Train Police tried to stop the train! It is the best part, except the end. And where Moxie saves Tuffy from the dogs.

Dad says his friends on his Web place want to hear the story too. Dad wrote it down and I want to draw pictures for it, but it is hard! It will take a LONG time to do all the pictures.

Here is just one I did. That's the train, the Hairball Express.


I licked my finger and rubbed it to make it swishy like it's fast, though.

But look--I forgot to draw Moxie in the cab.

Dad gave me a bunch of pictures of Moxie and the old station near our house and some other train pictures. They help me draw good pictures, but I think I might cut them out and glue them on paper. I forget the name of that.

(Dad says it's a collage.)

I think the best thing would be Dad telling the story. He says he can put his voice on his Web place but it would be long.

Maybe he could do both.

Beautiful Thomas! It seems unfair that you can draw better than I can, and I'm 27!! I can't wait to see what you come up with for the story.
I love the train! Good idea to make it swishy--it really looks like it's going fast!

I agree with you, I think your dad should record himself telling the story. If he does, I hope you do the animal noises!

Your day at school sounds like it was great :)
Thomas, that is one AMAZING train! I love the way you made it look so fast. Flip's little brother loves trains and has bunches and bunches of them. I liked your train so much I printed it and Flip put it up on our refrigerator!

We can't wait to see and hear the story of the Hairball Express!
WOW!! That is really cool train, Thomas! I'm really jealous!!

My dad printed it out and put it on our fridge. That's really good, because not even ANY of my art gets put up there at all!

I can't wait to see the rest of your illustrations. I'm trying to put together a collage for the special art school that I want to go to next year, but it's hard because I have to draw everything. :(

You always blow my mind, Thomas! You're so cool! :D
Holy Smokes, Thomas! That is one awesome train - I love how you added "motion" to it by smudging it a can really get a sense of movement from the picture!

Looking forward to how you and your Dad put together Hairball Express!
Thomas, I just love your pictures. I have used several of them as wallpaper on my computer, and I always tell people about you when they ask who did the great drawing or painting.

I can't wait to hear and see the story of Moxie and the Hairball Express. Keep on makin' art!!
That train is my favorite drawing you've posted so far. Next time to make it look even smudgey-er just like the paper (kidding).
-Derek (not the one who eats lunch with you though)
My sister and I have always joked that you can draw much better than we can (we are 26 and 28), but after seeing this train, it's no longer a joke. You are extremely tallented, and I can't wait to see the finished product of the "Hairball Express". I hope you and your dad publish your book. I would definitely buy a copy. (If they will ship to Canada)
Wow! Your train is really cool. How did you draw it? Did you use charcoal? Have you tried watercolor pencils? They're great because you can draw with them and then add water afterwards or make them swishy like you did with your train. I'll bet you could create all sorts of cool stuff with them. Thanks for showing your train.
Awesome picture, Thomas. I like how you made it look like the train is moving really fast!
its a really good picture.

who knows .. moxie might become the next mr.porter.
I can't wait to read (or hear!) the whole story of The Hairball Express! The Twinkie and I have a story that we made up when she was in First Grade; it was about one of her favorite book characters.

I can still remember every bit of that story - The Twinkie and I had so much fun with it.

Now that you have drawn the train, will you draw Moxie next? :)
Thomas you are one talented young man! I was looking at your picture while hearing the first part of you dad telling the story on his site! I can just see that train flying down the track! I can't wait to see the rest of your art for the story! Also you and your dad should have this book published... don't you think?
Very nice train! It does look fast.

The name of your cat reminded me that there used to be a soft drink called Moxie that I liked a lot when I was little.
Mr. Lad,

Fantastic story? You and Mr. Man have some fantastic brains. Do you have a corpus callosum conecting both your brains? And your sound effects were stirring, sometime jostling me in my chair. Well Done! ...also, the great Ted Williams (who Flip will tell you was the last major league baseball player to hit .400 for an entire season) was a "pitch" man for Moxie. So I think you should have a picture of Ted Williams on the next train. :¬)
that is a very cool drawing, thomas! i never knew that you could lick your finger and make a drawing look like that! aren't trains neat? personally, i love the old steam engines ... so this one is right up my street!
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