Monday, November 28, 2005


Flying Around!

I have been SUPER busy since my birthday!

We are doing a lot at my school. Right now we are learning about Africa and math and I am reading a LOT. I read enough to win a prize: 20 books since the beginning of school so I got a gift card to buy books at the store. I am reading lots of lizard and butterfly books.

I think I will do that when I am grown up. I will have a lizard and butterfly zoo.

I got a special cage and a jar of caterpillars for my birthday that I helped grow into butterflies. They all hatched but one. I am like their dad. I named them Austin and Devin and Simba and Caitlin and Fred.

I took this one for a walk.


I think that's Austin. Soon they will die so I wanted him to see outside, even though it was cold. It will be sad to have so many butterfly funerals.

Dad gave me the butterfly set and it was my first favorite present. My second favorite came from my uncle BB. He sent me a flying Pteranodon that you charge up and has propellers on the wings. You throw it up and you can fly it. I painted some lucky colors on it first so it would go fast and not break or crash.

We went to our soccer field, which is about 5 miles long. Dad tried to do it but it crashed a lot.

Then I did it.


I'm telling Dad to run with it like a kite. When he did, I turned the propellers on.

(Next time I will tell Dad BEFORE I put on the propellers so he can get his fingers out of the way. But it was okay because Mom had Band-Aids in the car.)

Dad threw it and WOOOOOSSSSSHH! I flew it and it went around in a big circle. Dad had to jump onto the ground so he wouldn't get hit!

Then a big wind came and the Pteranodon went up UP UP into the sky. It was really hundreds of feet up. Even the kids over at the playground near the field yelled and clapped.

But the Pteranodon kept going.

"Oh no!" said Dad and then he RAN. He is fast when he has to chase something and ZOW! he ran across the field. But it was too late. The Pteranodon went flying out of the park and off away over the tops of the houses.

I wasn't even sad because it was the best flying time EVER.

Mom wasn't sad. But she was mad because Dad was gone. He ran through people's yards and got in trouble. And he still couldn't find it.

I caught up to Dad and we looked together. Everyone was outside putting up their lights and a lot of them saw the Pteranodon but no one saw where it went.

We walked around a long time till Mom made us get in the car. She was following us.

And then guess what? When we were driving back, WE SAW IT! It was just sitting in somebody's yard, right out front on the grass.

Dad said it was a half-a-mile away from the park.

Good thing I painted the lucky colors on.

I will have more pictures soon, but we are really busy because it is Christmas time almost. Maybe I will do a special picture here soon.



I love flying.

Your lucky your dad plays with you.
Wow, you have butterflies?! I used to have silkworms, which are sort of like caterpillars, but they spin silk when they make their cocoons. And then they become moths. I loved them!
What a great story! You told it very well, Thomas. It was just like reading a book!

Your poor dad gets lots of owies, doesn't he?

I bet the search for the Pteranodon was fun because you got to run around and meet people and see all sorts of Christmas lights :)

I am SO happy your had fun flying the Pteranadon. And even happier that you zapped Dad with the props.

(Ask him about the time at model rocket club when he launched my rocket before I got clear).

Gotta go shop for something for you for Xmas. Maybe a pet iguana. Your mom would love that, huh?

Your Uncle
Hi Thomas! I was beginning to think a dinosaur must've eaten you, it had been so long since your last post. :)

It sounds like you had a great time with your flyer. I went to the park once with my sister and aunt to fly a kite, which was really cool, but I bet I would have liked a plane much more. ;)
Thomas, that is so cool! I had one of those planes once, but I shot it right at my brother and I got in BIG trouble (don't do it, it's not worth it). Your butterflies are beautiful! I bet you are a great dad to them!
hey thomas! i found a link to your blog while looking at pictures of dinosaurs! i really like the pictures you make. i used to draw all the time and i still do (my teachers get mad at me for drawing on my schoolwork) haha. too bad i dont have a blog on this site, but i will check up on all your neat artwork
PS-you should totally think of getting an account on deviantart -they will host your pictures for free and more people could see your great art!
That flying toy is so cool!

I was thinking about what you said about Christmas coming. I think you should design some Christmas cards. Those would be super neat to see.
Hi Thomas,

Sounds like you have a really cool uncle. I can't wait for your next picture!

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