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I had my party yesterday before my birthday and it was GREAT. Dad made an obstacle course in the back yard and you had to crawl through tubes and roll a tire and jump in shoeboxes and climb a wall and dig through hay and go down a slide and the fastest one got a prize.

Here I am on the slide.

I did it in 1 minute 11 seconds. I was the fastest! Evan was second with 1 minute 25 seconds. Silly Dad was slowest because he got stuck in the crawling tube and all you could see was his legs. Then he rolled the tire over himself and that was funny too. It took him 3 minutes and 44 seconds.

Then we had cake. Grandma made me a lizard cake using one of my pictures! She says they do it at the store but she learned how too.

Here was my picture.

And here was the cake! She did good!

Then I got presents from my friends: a Transformer and some new brush pens and some modeling clay and place to keep my bugs so I can look at them when I draw them.

Then we went back outside and the obstacle course was GONE! Dad was sitting on the step breathing hard because he took everything out and turned the yard into a safari hunt. He went FAST, faster than on the obstacle course. He hid 88 lizards and snakes all over and we each got a hat and a box and ran like crazy to catch them. I got 15 snakes and lizards. Nick got so excited he threw up. Afterwards Dad did the count and said there are still 11 lizards and snakes on the loose out there.

They were not real. They were rubber lizards and snakes.

Here we are. Dad wore a hat too.

Then something bad happened.

Right after everyone left my head started to hurt and that was bad because I woke up next day with a 103 fever.

I am SICK on my birthday.

I still opened my presents. I got a Black Canary from Justice League and some other super guys like King Kong and a lizard. I also got a special video camera for kids called a Vidster so I can do my own movie and not use Dad's camera. I will put my movies on here. Grandma gave me new jammies and a spin art kit! My uncle gave me dollars that I can buy anything I want. I think I will buy some paper or maybe a video game.

I watched Scooby Doo with Dad all day and then I fell asleep! I never do that since I was a baby. I woke now and have a 101 fever. I am sad because tonight is when they trick-or-treat in my town and now I can't go. So I am wearing my cheetah costume and have to watch out the window. Dad says he will stay with me because he can't stand seeing a sad cheetah in the window.

My sister is going as a fox and she says she will ask for two candies--one for her and one for me. Sometimes she is a good sister.

I am happy anyway for all my presents. And for the cards people sent me on my email. Thank you!

I still wish I could trick or treat.



Aw, Thomas! I'm so sad you're sick on your birthday. That really isn't fun. I was sick with the chicken pox on my birthday, once, so I know how you feel. It was in the middle of my summer vacation, so I had to miss lots of fun stuff, too. Hope you get better soon! Happy Birthday from Canada.
Too bad you're sick on your birthday and Halloween. But I hope you get better soon and still have a good time! Happy Birthday and Happy Halloween!
Happy Birthday, Thomas! I hope you get over your fever soon. At least you had your birthday party already, right?

I think maybe you got your creative streak from your grandmother, if your birthday cake is any indication!

Get well soon, and may you have a wonderful year.
Happy Birthday, Happy Halloween, and get well soon! It looks like you had a really fun party. Did you remember to thank your dad for all his hard work? :)
Wow. That's a really cool cake.
There is a killer virus/cold/flu thingie going around.

Seriously, it took out my webmaster, and now the Cheetah?

I am worried.

(Luckily, Ninja are immune to everything bad.)
Oh I'm so sorry to hear that you were sick on your birthday! But I'm glad that you got to have your party first.

You have such a smart Grandma to make you a costume and a cake like that. And a very nice sister to get you candy too!
Happy Belated Birthday, Thomas! And Happy Halloween! I hope you are feeling well again very soon.

It was nice of your sister to ask for extra treats for you. See, sisters aren't all bad. Did your grandma make the fox costume too? She's a pretty clever lady. I have to go make a scavenger hunt for my two boys for tonight. (They are getting a little bit too old to go trick or treating.) Feel better!
Awww, Happy birthday Thomas. I am sorry you are sick. Know what? LegoBoy is sick today too. His ear is infected, again. I am keeping him home today and resting in the hopes that he will feel well enough to go Trick or Treating tonight. I hope that you are magically all better by tonight and your Daddy and Mommy say you can go to a few houses to Trick or Treat. There is nothing sadder than a Cheetah locked in a house.
Hey Thomas, very sorry you got sick on your birthday. That happened to me on MY birthday this year, and I had to cancel my party. So, although you can't trick or treat, at least you had a really fun party. Hope you feel better soon!
Happy Birthday! I had chicken pox on my 10th birthday, and I missed the class field-trip becuase of it.

Make some fever drawings?
And I'm the sister who gave him the chickenpox for his birthday. It's nice that he didn't mention that part. Anyway, I'm sorry you were sick and I hope you don't give it to your sister! I love the cake your grandma got you!
I am sorry to hear that you were sick on your birthday and that you couldn't go trick or treating... Glad to hear that your little sister is going to get you some candy!!!

Hope you feel better soon buddy!!!
Happy Birthday Thomas! Sorry you got sick on your birthday. But at least you had fun at your party. And you are so lucky to have a sister that loves you. Get well soon!
That stinks you're sick on your birthday, Thomas, though it sounds like you had an awesome party! Maybe instead of trick-or-treating, you can use that Cheetah nose to smell out some candy your Dad can hide in the house?! Take care and get better!!
Hi Thomas,
Sorry you were sick on your birthday. Your grandmother did a fabulous job putting your drawing on your cake. Sounds like you had a great party! Happy birthday!
Sounds like you had an awesome party, Thomas! It just isn't a party until somebody pukes. (you may be a little too young to understand this right now...)


Sorry you're feeling under the weather, especially on Halloween night - hope your sister came through for you with the candy!
Happy birthday and halloween. I ma sorry you are sick. I got real sick last year too and couldn't go. It wasn't fun. Would you like some of my candy I got lots. I will give you some if you like. bye.
Aww, too bad you got sick, mate.

But still, you were kinda lucky, 'cause you got to have your party anyway! It looked like you had a lot of fun!

Get well real soon!

/ kiyoshi
I hope you are feeling better now. Your party sounded really fun. I got sick after my birthday party when I was 7, too. My mom made me invite my entire class -- about 25 kids -- and most of them came. It was crazy.
Happy Birthday, Thomas! I once had such a great time at a birthday party that I threw up too...but I was a little older, and probably should have known better. Oh well...hope you are feeling better!
Aww, Thomas, I'm sorry to hear you couldn't go trick or treating because you were sick! But at least you had your party, AND you got that ROCKIN cheetah costume to boot! There's always next year for the candy getting!

Hope you're feeling better!
Happy birthday, Thomas! Seven is one of my favorite numbers - it should be a great year for you.
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