Tuesday, October 11, 2005


Orange lizard

We are back from seeing my cute baby cousin Grace.

She is from a place called Guatemala. I drew a picture of a giant lizard that comes from there. Here he is.

He is a big lizard, way bigger than a Komodo dragon. He is bigger than a blue whale, and you know they are big! He can run 55 miles an hour. That's fast and his head is as long as a school bus. He eats mice, birds, other lizards, dogs, and people and houses. One orange lizard can wipe out a whole neighborhood.

But to stay big he has to drink lots of water, otherwise he shrinks up and looks like a raisin.

It is lucky baby Grace doesn't live there anymore. I am glad she is here with us.

My bus is coming. Gotta go!

Red is my favorite kind of lizard. I found a green one in my kitchen the other day. I like yours better.
Oh, shiny orange lizard. The spikes on his back are awesome, did you know that the spikes/plates on a stegosaur's back (like on your Orange Lizard's back) are called scutes?

Have fun at school!
Does the lizard live close to the ocean, or does he live inland?


'Cause if he lives close to the ocean, it must be easy for him to drink lots of water!
Your drawings are getting really good. I enjoy reading your blog!
Wow! I like the lizard! I remember how crazy I was about dinosaurs when I was your age. Actully I still like them! Dragons too! You have a good day!
Wow, that's a GREAT lizard! I like the coloring a lot. I also like the story you made up to go with him - very imaginative! Looks like you've got the story-telling bug as well.

Did you enjoy visiting your cousin Grace? She's adorable - your dad showed us some pictures of her. He said that he made her laugh until she puked - sounds like torture to me!

Nice one. I made my nieces do drawings for me over the weekend. They didn't draw any reptiles at all, though! I put them on my blog in case you want to see them.
Wow! Nice cross-hatch shading on his tail and belly!

I found your blog through Drawn!, the illustration blog. I really enjoy reading your posts, you're so talented! Keep up the great work!! =D

- Laura
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