Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Oh mouse, Oh snake!

We are really busy at school now. I am doing A LOT of writing. Writing is harder than drawing because you have to get the letters right and remember how they are all spelled. Pictures are easier because it's what's in my head.

But I am working really hard on writing. Dad writes all day and sometimes all night. He says it is the only thing he is good at and he tells really good stories. He says people gave him money for writing and that's how he bought our whole house and everything inside it except the stuff Grandma and Papa send us.

Someday I will go to work like Dad and I will want to get money for drawing AND writing together. So I am doing it now.

I started a book today called Oh Mouse, Oh Snake! It is about a snake that chases a mouse in a swamp. My other books were just pictures with me telling Mom and Dad the words. This time I am doing the words all by myself.

It is hard to spell the words. Dad said just to put the words down like they sound so I did that and I went faster. I have two chapters done now.

Here is just one page.


Here the mouse is running for his hole. The snake is chasing him because he ate his sister. See him in the corner. He is coming!

I wonder if he will catch him.

Want to see more?

I will tell you later...

(Dad said to put dots at the end. That means you have to wait)


Dots at the end are called "ellipses" -- it means that something was left out. In this case, the next part of the story.

Can't wait!

Keep up the good work; I wish I drew as much as you when I was 6.

Heck, I wish I drew that much, now!
Good Job! I wrote a story and drew pictures for it too. It was about a samurai. Anyway, your stuff's cool!
Hah, your dad sure is a master of the dots. Learn well, young padawan.
Great drawing AND a great story! Maybe your dad can teach you some of his writing tricks and you can teach him to draw?
Drawing and writing tgether is the BEST!
The people that read your Dad's stuff call that a cliffhanger. We say we hate it but secretly we like it because it means there is more good stuff to come.
I can't wait for the next part of your story!
Dear Art Lad,
This is the first time I have written to you. I do a special kind of writing called calligraphy. I like to think of writing letters as drawing. All the letters are just shapes or parts of shapes. It is the way we put the shapes together that make the letters. Your dad is right about the spelling. Just write everything like it sounds in your head. Pretty soon you will learn how to put the letters together to spell the words. I think you will be a great writer! You are already a great illustrator!
Yes I want to see more! Good luck with the writing. I remember having a hard time trying to learn.
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