Tuesday, October 25, 2005



I am SEVEN in FIVE days!

My Grandma and Papa are here right now! They drove a long ways from the woods where they live. They live like in olden days. Papa has wild animals in his yard--he had a bear eat his apple tree and one day a moose walked by! He grows his own big garden and chops down trees to make fires in the house.

Grandma knows good stuff too. She can make big cakes with neat things on them and she is making a lizard cake for my birthday.

Guess what? She can also make clothes on her stitching machine.

I sent her a cheetah picture and said I wanted to be a cheetah for Halloween.

And she made it!


Is that a cheetah or is that Thomas?


Surprise! It is me!

Here is the picture I sent Grandma.


Here's me. I drew colors on it like the picture I sent.


We both look smarty.

She is the BEST Grandma, because that is not even my birthday present. She and Papa brought piles of presents for me. Mom yelled a lot when she saw the pile but she has to let me have them because Grandma is old and has tricks to make you do what she wants. Dad just says "Okay" because he says it is CRAZY to fight with Grandma.

He is right.

But don't tell Mom.



Man, I wish I had a boss cheetah costume like then when I was seven! I think I was just wearing Superman pjs as my costume. Happy early birthday, Thomas!
Wow, what a great costume! You really do have a wonderful Grandma :) Thank you for telling us all about her and Papa!
listen to you dad.

fighthing with your "mom's" are crazy.
Thomas, you make a grrrreat cheetah! I hope your lizard party is really wonderful. You will have to post a picture of your lizard cake. You have a very talented grandma. Your grandparents house sounds like an adventure to visit. Maybe you could write us a story about it.
Dude, so cool!! Don't Grandmas just rock? I hope your birthday is utterly fabulous! :}
Oh my gosh! That is the BEST costume ever!
Art Lad, the picture you made of the cheetah I really liked! I'm sorry but I cannot come to your birthday party because I am too far away. But thank you for inviting me! I really liked it. So thank you. Happy birthday! (Oh, I finally updated my blog. I think you'll like it, I put some dinosaurs up there)
That's a great costume, Thomas, and it certainly looks like you appreciate the hard work your grandmother must have put into it! :)
Yo, T, that costume is totally bad (which is what old guys like me say when we mean wicked cool)!

I can't wait to show Flip! I hope you have the best b-day ever, dude.
Way cool costume Thomas you look like a real cheetah. Austin's grandma got him a chicken costume that plays the chicken dance song.
Have a great birthday, Thomas!

You look awesome in that outfit!

/ Kiyoshi
Holy Crap!!

That costume is glorious! I'd wear that thing everyday of my life if I could find one that fits.

Whoa, you could get a different animal suit for everyday of the week. Kind of like in Super Mario Bros. 3 where you can can get the different suits that have different abilities. Not sure if you've played that one yet, but make Daddy dig it up for you. It's a classic.
What an awesome costume, Thomas! I bet you'll have the coolest costume on the block. Way to go, Grandma!

I hope you have an equally great birthday with tons of presents and waaay too much sugar!! Enjoy!
That is an awesome costume Thomas!!! Hope you have fun trick or treating... only 4 more days left!!!!
That is the coolest costume ever! I found the link to your blog through a website called "Drawn!" I like your drawings and stories; you are so talented!

Have a fun halloween :)

I have no words.

The Cheetah wins again.
Wow that is a realy neat cheetah costume!! I was a kitty too. My mommy made me my costume and she made it like a cartoon kitty. I was Pandorable kitty. 'Cause when I was a baby like 5 years old I called myself Pandorable. But now that I am 7 I just call me Pandora cause thats my name.
You are going to be 7 soon too. 7 is great much better then 6 cause now I am more of a grown up. My mom and dad don't think so but parents just don't understand these things.
Happy Halloween and Birthday!!
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Those pictures really remind me of "Where the Wild Things Are"!
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