Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Come to the LIZARD party!

Guess what? I have my BIRTHDAY in 11 DAYS. That is how long I have left and then I AM SEVEN!

That is a long time to be old.

But Dad is 37. He is even older. Mom is the same as Dad, but no one is supposed to know.

I have the best birthdays. Grandma comes and she makes BIG cakes. She made trains out of Ho-Hos one year. Last year she made a jungle cake with a dinosaur on the top.

This year, I want a lizard cake.

Because I am also having a lizard party. It will be all about lizards. Dad said he will do a safari in the back yard and I can be like Austin Stevens on Animal Planet, looking for the lizards. And they will be looking for me! If Austin is not careful on his show HISSSSSSOWCH! They shoot out and bite him. Some of them don't let go. They take you with them so you have to grab onto a log. You are on your own on those shows because the man with the camera never helps you. If he did, there would be no show.

I think about the man with the camera now. I have a camera Dad gave me and I take videos. It is tricky but it is like drawing pictures only you have to make pictures out of people in real life. Maybe I will show you a video some time. I did one of Dad breaking a board but that is not like what I really want to do.

I have a list of what I want. I want:

More brush pens
A spin art thing
Black Canary from Justice League (she looks like my new friend Ashley)
Modeling clay
A big pile of white paper for drawing
A video game like Tom and Jerry
Books, especially ones by Mr. Feiffer

I am having a party with six friends. I am having Evan and Cole and Dustin and Andrew and Nick and Noah.

(Mom says no girls this time because she can't stand it. They leave me notes now. Ashley left me a note and I showed Mom and her face got all squinchy. She took the note away.)

I did the invitation myself. See?


Mom thought it was a giant lizard walking on houses. IT IS NOT! THOSE ARE BIRTHDAY CANDLES ON A CAKE! Dad copied it so I left the name part open and will put a different name in each one.

Do you want to come? I wish you could. I would invite Flip and Twinkie and Legoboy and Lucy and Baby Grace and the Animal Planet lady (you could bring Jasmine and you don't have to bring any presents. Just bring a snake skin like you found that time) and the Ninja Lady and Katy and all their mommies and nice people who come here.

It would be a big party, and you wouldn't have to bring anything.

Unless you wanted.

Dad says I am talking way too fast. But I AM SEVEN SOON!

I will tell you more later. I have to finish my snake and mouse book!

(Oh. Dad says I am way up past my bedtime).


I would love to come to a lizard party! My nephew Connor will be six on November 1. I'm sure he and his little brother Logan would love a lizard party, too. You will just have to tell us all about it.

That's a great invitation! When I saw the birthday candles, I thought they were crayons at first.

I hope you get everything on your list, including a nice lizard cake! If you do, you could draw a picture of it.
It's better that I cannot come.

I require one full cake to myself.

And I would dominate at all the party games and your friends would get mad.

Happy Birthday, T. I love the picture you drew for me. It hangs on my wall next to all of my movie concept art from the film I wrote.

Dang, kid, your brain must be going a million miles an hour most of the time!

Here is an idea for your spin-art machine: with your Dad's help, you can probably rig up an electric drill or small motor to spin a piece of cardboard with a nail pushed through the middle (so the drill has something to hold on to).

It would have to be an outdoor art project, because it would make a big mess -- but it would be fun!

Happy Birthday!
Hi Thomas,

I've been following your site since you got featured on BoingBoing a while back. I think your pictures are great and your comments make me laugh a lot.

Happy Birthday!! Seven! Wow! I hope you have a great party. I'm glad to see that what you want is more art stuff. I can't wait to see what you do with it!

Hey Thomas, 7 is a great age! I love your blog and I drew a picture of a dinosaur and put it on my site for your birthday.

All the best from Ireland,
Hi! Happy early birthday!! Since I like your drawings and blog so much, I thought it's only fair that you should have one of mine. =) I drew a picture of you riding on a reptile [that only looks like a lizard. It's called a Tuatara.]. Hope you enjoy it! You can find it at my blog,

My Blog

If you click on the picture, it gets big enough to fit on a page. So you can have a printout of it if you want one. You can also color it in, since it's outlined.
I hope you have a happy birthday! I wish I could come. I would probably bring Geckie instead of Jasmine though, since Geckie is a lizard! Well, sort of - she's a gecko.

I am even older than your parents (but not by THAT much), but when I was little, girls didn't give notes to boys or call them on the phone. We would have gotten in big trouble!

I would love to see your videos sometime. Maybe your Dad could help you to load it.

Have fun at your party! Make sure somebody takes lots of pictures.
Whoa, I remember my seventh birthday party! I am pretty sure there were some girls there...

I hope the safari is awesome. I love Animal Planet, too.
Happy birthday, Thomas! I love your name, by the way. A lizard party sounds fun; I never had themed parties, just normal ones. Though I did go ice-skating once.

Have fun at your party, and wow, you're getting old!
Thomas, that's a cool birthday invitation! I hope you have nothing but fun, smiles, and laughs on that day!

You will be the big "7" so enjoy it. You have some great pictures here. You are also a funny kid! I will be sure to come back again and visit! :)
Look forward to hearing about the birthday adventures!

Happy 7th!!! :)
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Happy birthday kid.

make daddy do the karate thing again.

it will be fun.
Jeff Corwin is my favorite on Animal Planet.

Steve Irwin just scares me. He is a little too wierd.

You have a happy birthday, Kiddo. My birthday's not until November, but I haven't been 7 for a loooong time! I used to draw a lot when I was seven though. Not so much lizards, just horses and rainbows and castles and all that kind of stuff girls dig.

Haapy 7th! Sounds like it's gonna be an awesome party!
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