Sunday, August 21, 2005


Spinning and blinking

I am all better! I was 103 hot then 99 hot. Then ba-zow! Better!

It was good and lucky that I got better because today was the big party down the street for all the kids before we go back to school. All the moms and dads go and talk A LOT and all the kids play. All the kids on my bus were there. Alyssa was there and her brother and Cole and Drew and Lillie and Duncan and Alyssa too.

I already said Alyssa already.

Guess what? They had an art table! I made a spider for my sister out of fuzzy twisties and a piece of egg carton.

They also had a spinny art thing. You put your paper on the spinner then squirt paint on it while it spins. If you use a lot of paint you can do a picture on the spinner and do one on your shirt at the same time!


I spent ten hundred hours making spinny art pictures. I almost got dizzy.

(I'll tell you the secret: You have to blink while you do it so you don't.)

I wanted to make a spider web, because spiders spin them to make them. But it was hard. It took a lot of times. But I did it! It looked like a Web for real!

I can't show you it, though.

(I gave it to Alyssa.)

Then we played baseball with the giant red ball. Alyssa and I were partners so we had to kick the ball and run together.

I had a bunch of fun.

Later, Dad brought all my other spinny pictures home.

My next favorite after the spider web I can't show you was this one.

I think it looks like a dragon's eyeball.

When I was making it, I could see him blinking at me.


That's so cool! I've never used a spinner before. It sounds like fun. :D

And don't worry. I won't sell your picture. :) You can have it for free, since it's a gift. In fact, I'm working a new one. I'll post it on my blog and e-mail it to you when it's finished. (Nearly there!)

Nice to hear you're all better. :)

Here you Go!
That does look like a dragon's eyeball! You sure have an eye for drawing. How fast did the spinner go? Do you think that a record player could go as fast? If so, maybe you could find one used at a garage sale and have your own spinner!
Hey, Thomas. Katy's mom here again. Katy has been camping in Idaho for the last week and a half. When she gets home tonight, I'll show her the pictures that she missed while you were gone.

You might want to have your dad check out this thing for spinning & drawing. It's not as fast as the electric ones, but it's pretty cool, too!

Keep up the art work!
I meant to say the pictures she missed while she was gone! You were not gone, she was!
That is a sure win for a book cover. :)

MM, you might want to use that as your new book cover pic.
NICE PIC as always!!!
I have never heard of spinning pictures but if that's what they look like I want to play! It looks like it was alot of fun. Amazing picture. Good job!
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That looks cool!
I have a spinner. I made one that looks like a star in space!
I love the colors you used! Awesome "eye" - I bet you had a ton of fun with the spinner :)

By the way, Flip's new picture of you is great - and Blaze is there too!

Glad to hear you are feeling better!

My little sister used to have a little spinner, but she never made anything that looked that good! You should have made your Dad put the picture of your shirt on there too. :)
I'm glad to hear you are feeling better:) Austin and I really like your blog.
Wow! Twinks told me all about the Spinny Art picture - it really is great! I'm tremendously OLD, and I had a Spinny Art thing when I was your age. I think everyone should have one!

I'm really glad to see that you are feeling better, and I can't wait to see what kind of art you post next!

Your friend, Thimbelle :)
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