Wednesday, August 24, 2005


SCHOOL Today!!!

I start school TODAY! I am in the First Grade and will go for ALL DAY now.

We had a party at my school before and I saw my teacher and where I sit.

WE HAVE COMPUTERS! In the room with us! Before we had to go to the Smelly Room.

I told my teacher about my Web place and everyone who came and she thought I made it up. Then Dad said something funny and Mom had to step on him.

I get up lots early and today the clock said 5-2-1 and I woke Dad up. He was surprised! He is really funny when he gets up. He doesn't talk in words until he drinks a coffee.

Last night I had a funny tummy. I went to draw a cat, but this came out.

It is a dinosaur RAT that eats everything!

I drew another picture with no colors in it.

That's how my tummy is.

But then I drew this.

He turned out good. He looks all smarty.

I tried to draw me as a super guy like Flip does for me. People are hard. So I just looked at her pictures. I am taking one to my teacher so she will know about Art Lad!

I will tell you how it was later!

I have to go pee!


I hope you had a wonderful 1st day at school Thomas (Art Lad) and you liked your teacher. School can be so much fun. I bet you get a good grade in art especially. You are one cool drawing fella.
1st grade... wow... Have a great time!!!
Hey Thomas, have a great time at school! If you have the internet in your classroom you could have your teacher look up your blog that way.
Not many first graders have such a popular blog as yours, Thomas. I think you're the first! So you can't blame your teacher if they don't believe you. (I doubt they know what a blog is! It's still *kinda* recent.) But you will show them, and they will be astounded. :)

Have a great time in first grade! I start 9th on monday. Ew. (I don't get art class or recess anymore. Not for the past 3 years. :( )
So did your teacher get to see your site? Does she believe you now? Once she sees, I bet she will be REALLY impressed! Sometimes teachers can be silly. Lots of the time, teachers have to work so hard (even at night time), that they don't get to learn about how fun the Internet can be. You can show her all your pictures and how you got to meet other people who draw and Neil Gaiman!
wow, you start school early, it's not even Labour Day! That first drawing reminds me of "Wolverine" from the X-Men, very cool

Enjoy Grade 1!
Hi Art Lad!

I'm homeschooled. I started the 6th grade last monday.

School can be fun. My first grade teacher and I were best friends.

Hope you have fun! :)

That's awesome! Have fun. You'll be typing your own blog entries before you know it.
Starting school is the beginning of a great adventure Art Lad. You will have lots of fun and learn cool stuff. I love your dinosaur rat!
Congratulations on the 1st grade! My son, Mac, started 1st grade on the 4th so he's been for a few weeks now. He really likes it, and was really happy that there is no more nap time. He has his own blog now too, inspired by you. His love is Legos. I hope your day was wonderful.
Hey, Thomas! Nice job on the dinosaur rat that eats everything. Do you know how to catch them? I saw one sniffing at my garage yesterday afternoon. I figured I could catch him for you and you could take him to school and impress all your cool new 1st grade friends...that is, if your teacher lets you bring him into class :)

I'm so happy for your first day of school! Now you can impress all your classmates with your fantastic art! :)
I hope first grade was great! My son is starting first grade this year too. He's excited to go and he LOVES to draw also! I will let him see your blog tomorrow when he wakes up :)
Congratulations on getting through your first day of First Grade, Thomas!

I just posted an art-related piece on my blog and I was thinking of you while I did it! You were my inspiration!

Hope you and your family are well. Enjoy school, and I look forward to seeing some more art!

PS I start a painting class on the 31st of August and am a little nervous as I don't think I am a very good artist. But then I suppose that is why I am taking the learn how to be a good one, right? I'll let you know how it goes.

Flip starts her new school next week and I hope that her first day goes as well as yours. I want you to know that I wasn't having a very good day today until I looked at your blog. Your story about your day and your pictures really made me smile and I wanted to say thank you.

P.S. That rocks that you have computers in your class. Dude, nobody likes going to the smelly room.

Wood (Flip's Dad)
You know, I'm at that point in my life where I actually miss the first day of school! I miss the smells, the anticipation, and the feelings - a little anxiety, a lot of excitement, and a tiny bit of dread coming from knowing I'll be locked in this classroom for the better part of the next nine months. Enjoy it while you have it, because when you get older, you'll look back and wish you had enjoyed it more!

I like your drawings today, and yes, people are very very hard to draw realistically. When we do human sculptures at my company they are the ones who get people criticizing the most. Monsters, aliens, dinosaurs, sharks, and animals are all easier to do be creative with because they are not as familiar to the eye as the human face and form. Besides, monsters and animals and aliens are way more fun to draw than boring old humans!!

Enjoy the 1st Grade!

Wow! Thank you for wishing me a Happy Birthday and visiting my site. I asked my Mom if we could go over to your house to see your Legos, but she says we live too far away. I didn't know there was a Lego game!
Did you ever see "The Princess Bride"? Your dinoRAT reminds me of the R.O.U.S. from that movie. (Rodents Of Unusual Size.) They were really mean!

Hope you had fun at school.

I imagine your Mom has to step on your Dad a lot, huh?
Bingo Rurality! R.O.U.S.'s are *exactly* it!! I knew that dinoRAT reminded me of something...
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