Tuesday, August 09, 2005


Rainbows and Lightning!

Alyssa is coming over!

Alyssa is a funny girl in my class. She will be in first grade with me. We ride the bus because she lives on the other street near me. Her brother is my friend.

She is coming over right now!

Her mom had to go out so she is coming over til she gets back. Her brother is coming too.

Last year Alyssa sat at my table. I made her this picture.

But I didn't give it to her.

Rainbow lightning

It's rainbows and lightning all together.



[Note: For a smidge more back-story, click here and scroll down to the Epilogue--The Dad]

Very sweet, and the back story very helpful.
I like the picture. I hope you give it to her. Love is like that--lightning and rainbows all together.
Thomas -

I hope you give her the picture this time. I think she'll really enjoy it!

Woo! Nothing to be ashamed of. Just don't cut off your ear and give it to her to show her how much you like her. It didn't work the first time.

Cool picture Thomas! I bet Alyssa liked it.
I really liked the picture. Watercolors are more precise than the powder paint, but then gourds are not too delicate.

If anyone in your circle knits or weaves with wool (or you can learn to knit yourself!), you should ask them if you could try KoolAid or Wilton food coloring dyeing on the wool. It can be really fun, inexpensive, safe, and exciting. You can Google for intructions, there are a lot of sites out there to tell you how.
Very evocative picture. Maybe you should show it to her?
What a beautiful picure!
oh ... they grow up so fast .... :)
Hi, Thomas

I really like this one, it reminds me of Spring

I hope you had a great day with Alyssa! Did you do some artwork? I would love to see what you both came up with together - maybe she is your muse!! :)

Frankly, I'm a little concerned about the comments that are posted at the wee hours of the morn.

Other than that, thanks for the picture. I thought it was of a person who was getting out of bed.
That is fantastic, that picture. I had a painting teacher once who would have gone crazy for your picture. It's so delicate and glowing. Rainbows and lightning - you can totally see it.
anon, you ever consider that the internet is a global phenom? That means when you're asleep and all, other people on the other side of the world are waking up, having lunch, or coming home from work.

Which, y'know, explains the "early morning" posts: they're not at all early for the people making them.
Hi Thomas! I'm from the Philippines, and I got here through Mr. Gaiman's site. I really love your drawings, especially this one. :) Did you give it to Alyssa?
I really liked you picture! :)

It's awsome!
Thomas, that's it, I'm just going to have to add you to my bloglines. Every time I check back, you have such sweet pictures up, it brightens my day. Well, it brightens it even more. My kids Katy & Bobbie make sweet pictures, too. Katy thinks you're really cool, but Bobbie's only 2. They both draw and paint a lot, but more sweet pictures is always good.

I started to go to art school when I was just older than you (8). I went to a place called the Chautauqua Institution for many, many years. Your Dad can Google it for you, but my point is that when you are just a little older, I bet you can find a place near you where you can spend time in classes working on your art!
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