Tuesday, August 02, 2005


Pink like my sister likes

My sister like brownies and pink things. Anything pink.

I tried to do her a drawing on a pink piece of paper. Here it is.


That's a dog with a bird on his back on a hill. She likes dogs and birds. And brownies and pink stuff.

I wanted it to look like when the sun goes down. You know how it's dark and pink at the same time? So I tried to draw it on pink paper and have the pink show through. I don't know. It looked better in my head.

I tried to do the lines like in the picture in my sister's room. I like his pictures. He lived a long time ago. My dad says he went crazy and cut his ears off!

Maybe his mom yelled at him a lot.

Gotta go draw!


I used to have that same painting (like your sister's) in my room too.

You did very good, I hope your sister liked it!
Wow, I really like this!

Pink is one of my favorite colors, too, and I'm an (allegedly) grown-up person.

I can't wait to see more of your artwork!

Twinkle's Mom, T.
Thomas, this is briliant! It really does remind me of VanGogh's brushwork.

(see? I know stuff)

You are way better than your dad ever was as an artist. When he drew people, they all had curly hair and their arms were all wavey like they had five elbows each. You could teach him a thing or two!

Your Uncle
I enjoy Van Gogh as well - you have good taste :)

I can definitely see the moment when the dark of night catched up with the pink of the dying sunset in your drawing.

So now we know your sister's favorite color is pink... what's your favorite color??
Hi Thomas! I'm so excited that you have a blog to post all your cool drawings! Looking forward to seeing all sorts of pictures, thank you for sharing them with us.
I have a little boy who will be 6 this month, but he really likes Legos instead of coloring.

Good morning, Thomas -

I really enjoyed both of your pictures. You certainly have a lot of talent!

Your comment about Van Gouge cutting off his ears because his mom yelled at him too much made me giggle...a LOT!

I'm looking forward to seeing more of your pictures!

Most excellent dude!

You have that magical something where you can put on paper what you see in your mind.

Thanks for sharing with us! Looking forward to seeing more.
Art Lad- what a cool name. With pen, pencil and brush in hand- you are (ta-ta!) ART LAD! I love it. It suits you. You are definately an artist. I loved the T-Rex and showed it to lots of people at work. They liked it to. And yes, they knew it was a T-Rex. I also like the picture you drew for our sister. Great job. I like your style Art Lad. Keep up the good work and I look forward to seeing more pictures!
You're quite an artist! Now someday when you're famous and people are paying big bucks for your work, you can thank your dad for getting your art out there and for sharing it with the world...the blog world, at least!
Looks like you're acquiring a fan base all your own!
Hope to see more masterpieces,

I wish for you to know.

Never let your love to paint go ... for its yours and yours alone.

The rest of us are only along for the ride. (ask your dad to explain this if you don't understand)


I have my eyes on you kid.
Love it!!!

Great job
Great work Thomas! My daughter guessed right off what your dinosaur drawing was. You are a clever Art Lad.
About Vincent Van Gogh, I think he only cut one ear off. Here is a link to a self portrait he made of himself after he cut it off.
So maybe his mother only yelled at him half as much :-)
Awesome work, Thomas!! I have bookmarked your site, which means I will be checking regularly to see what your next exciting adventure in art will be.

Let us know if you need any help with ideas! :)
You really have talent!
Please post more.
Pink is my favorite color. Purple too. I color a lot. I color horses.
Your drawings are wonderful! I love your idea of trying to get the pink to show through, and I bet it would work really well if you use soft pastels. They're like chalk but really soft, and they come in spectacular colors. You can draw with them and then blend them into the paper with your finger. Some brands are pretty cheap too, so your parents shouldn't object! Good luck with your art adventures!
Hey there little man, excellent artwork!!! Keep it up, and someday I might be bragging to someone that I was reading your blog before you were a famous artist! Keep up the blogging, with a following like yours you'll never have trouble finding willing patrons, (those are people who support you financially while you do your artwork, either by giving you money or by buying your art!)
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