Monday, August 29, 2005


One sabre gone

Guess what? I dreamed something moved my head and I waked up and the clock said 4-4-4.

I turned on all the lights and saw under my pillow my tooth WAS GONE!

There was a new envelope there and inside it was a whole dollar! Dad says that is LOTS more than he got. And Papa never got money. He said all they got was a bag of nails. This was in the olden days.

I think the Tooth Fairy bumped me awake.

We had art class today and I drew lots and lots of animals. But I took out one tooth on all of them.

Here is one.

See? It is a Sabre-Tooth Tiger that lost one of his sabre teeth. What will he do?

It's okay. It'll come back.

Back then, when he lost a tooth, the tiger put it under his head and went asleep. When he was asleep, the Sabre-Tooth Fairy would come and take it. They didn't have money then so guess what the Sabre-Tooth Fairy left him?

A piece of meat!

My sister got scared the Sabre-Tooth Fairy would come and get her when her tooth falls out. But I think it is funny!

I am so happy my tooth is out. I can eat everything now. Tonight at dinner I had three corn dogs and a crunchy piece of bread and a whole apple for dessert. I have been starving almost waiting for the tooth to come out.

Also I am sad too. I want to see my tooth again one last time. Where does it go when the Tooth Fairy takes it?

Well, bye!


WOW! You must have had an excellent tooth to get a DOLLAR! Way to go Thomas! Keep them teethies clean. Also, great tiger. I hope you are enjoying school.
A friend recently said that the tooth fairy has a castle made of all the teeth she gets.

I think that's kind of gross.

I don't know, in our house the tooth fairy turns teeth into things like really cool shiny stones of all different colors.

It must be different for everyone, I've heard lots of things.

What do you think?
That tiger...THURBERESQUE!
Wow Thomas! I remember when The Twinkie lost her first tooth! The tooth fairy came, and in the morning we even found a little bit of glittery "fairy dust" on the windowsill!

What are you going to do with all of the money you get from your teeth?

T. :)
I really like your picture!

I think your tooth went where my teeth went. The Hall of Teeth!

The Hall of Teeth is where the Tooth Fairy takes all of the teeth, and hangs them on the walls of a big hallway!

Twinks :)
Hey Artlad. I love your sabretooth tiger! And your description of how good your dinner was made me hungry...time for a snack!
Maybe the toothfairy uses the teeth to make sculptures. Or maybe she has a museum!

It's great that you got a whole dollar for your tooth. I never got that much! It makes me wish that I were still young enough to lose my teeth. I could use the money to help me through college. :)

I like your sabre-tooth tiger picture.
Yes, it is a little sad when your teeth go away. It's kind of like the sadness I feel at every birthday - you will never ever have that tooth again, just like you will never ever be that age again.

I always imagined the Tooth Fairy as a wise old woman who was a little crazy and liked to collect teeth to make jewelry out of them. I'm kinda weird :)

Congrats on the dollar bill - that's WAY more than I ever got - I think the most I ever got was 75 cents. But it was still cool to find it under my pillow, not knowing exactly how it got there!

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Glad the tooth fairy found her way to your house! A whole dollar, wow! I didn't get that much for my first tooth. Lucky boy!!

I hear you drew a picture for me. My girlfriend (the girl with the white eyelash) just told me that it is coming in a box your dad sent. I can't wait to see your drawing!!!

Keep taking care of your teeth and I bet the tooth fairy will be good to you in the future.

haha! my lucky number is 444. i like the tiger.
Hi Artlad,
I like your sabre-tooth tiger,I'll
send you one of mine soon.
(I'm french.I'm 7 years and 10 m. old !) :-)
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