Friday, August 12, 2005


My favorites!

Guess what? Mr. Gaiman came to see my pictures and told everyone!

This picture is for him. It's a snake that ate a chicken egg and got the chicken spots.


He wrote two books I like. One is about a boy who trades his dad to get some goldfish but has to get his dad back. The other is about a girl called Lucy who has wolves in her house.

The pictures in the wolves book are SCARY, but then when we went to see Grammy and Grandpa, Dad got this for the ride and we listened the whole way.

He tells the stories to you on the CD, like the goldfish one and a rhyme about a boy with really Crazy Hair. He told the wolves one too and then it wasn't scary. Now I like it! It made my sister cry. That was funny!

Mr. Gaiman sent me a letter on email too. He said the Crazy Hair one is going to be a book with Mr. McKean doing the pictures. I can't wait!

They are my favorites.

I would like to do books some day.


I love the back stories with all of you pictures Thomas!

Thanks for the insight.
Hey Thomas, that's way cool that Mr. Gaiman linked to you. It's nice he stays in touch with his readers. Nice snake picture you drew also!
Hey, kiddo, you might really like the books by Robert Munsch. His books are hilarious, some of his stories come from kid's ideas, and I'll bet you can't find a kid in Canada that doesn't own at least one of his books.
Gaiman ... hmm ... need to get one of his books for my young nephew.

Never liked snakes.
but yours I will exclude from my to hate list.

WOW! Thomas you are a famous blogger now that Neil linked to you. I really like your art.
My son and I like Wolves in the Walls a whole lot, but he's 13 and the wolves do not scare him any more...he just thinks they are silly.
When you get a little older, maybe 9 or 10, you will need to read Coraline by Neil too. My son likes it a lot, but I'll tell you a gave me nightmares.
~shudder~ a good way~
Wow! You get to talk to Mr. Gaiman! You're so lucky!!

The first book I read by him was called Neverwhere. I was... 10. I think. But it's definately a book for older kids. Lots of big words. :D You are so lucky, Thomas!
Hooray Thomas! you are part of a big community of artists!
Well done, Thomas! Good blog! It gave me a really good idea to get the students in my class to start a blog, too!
Nice snake! I like the tiger from yesterday too.

I saw another picture of a snake today that you might want to see: Here is the link.
My name is Cheruboy, I'm ten and like to draw a lot too! I live in Australia.
Art Lad, you should totally do books someday. You're a very creative artist! I'm sure you would be a great illustrator or writer.

Mr. Gaiman is one of my favorite authors as well. I met him a few years ago. He and I talked about pumpkins. He grows white and purple pumpkins that he bought in Germany.
Neil Gaiman is lucky to have you as a fan! Keep up the good work.
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