Saturday, August 13, 2005


Mr. Feiffer and my more favorites

I just stepped on a splinter today and it went in my toe. Dad got it out. It was three pieces long! There's a big hole in my toe now and it hurts to walk so I can't go out and play. Dad said we could go on the computer.

I went to some neat places where people have my pictures now. WOW! They are all over the place.

I like other kids drawings. Cheruboy is really good. He is 10. Thanks for coming to see my pictures. I will go to see yours a lot!

The Twinkie girl sent me this. It is really good. It looks like the window in church.

One of Dad's friends just sent him this. It's a place you can go and do paintings on the computer! It's hard to do the mouse but we practiced in school.

Here's the first one I did. It's not so good, but I did the words too.

The Wolf in the Web

When you look at it, the brush draws the drawing REAL fast, faster than I really did it. That is cool!

I also went to Mr. Feiffer's place. He is my other favorite to Mr. Gaiman and Mr. McKean.

He writes AND draws at the same time. He did a book called BARK GEORGE! about a dog that swallowed a lot of animals and makes different noises. It's really funny.

I sent Mr. Feiffer some pictures once. I gave him a painting of a wolf I made up named QRITSU and a dinosaur herd running down a volcano. He traded me this.


It's a dinosaur talking to George! It's on my board in my room.

He also told me about these neat paint pens that aren't too messy. I got them for my birthday and used them all up. I hope I get more my next birthday.

He draws really good dogs. I get the ears wrong.

Gotta go draw now!

Glad you liked Artpad, Thomas. It's not easy to use at first but it is fun. Gets easier with practice. I'm not a good artist but I have fun playing with it.
You and Mr Feiffer are right, Tombow pens are wonderful! My kids (and I) love them. I hope you get more for your birthday too.
Thanks for posting my picture! :)

Sorry about you're foot. :(

I have my own blog now, just like you!
Hi Artlad, I saw the artpad thing, and I played with it, and it reminded me of another drawing thing on the internet, it is called the scribbler
what it does, is takes your drawing, and makes it different by putting a lot of lines over your lines.
well, that's it, and keep up the good work!
Dear Art Lad,
Look up Wacom tablets on the computer and then ask for one for Christmas. They are way cool :-) My daughter loves hers.
Yesterday a ten year old girl told me that she wants to be a photographer just like me. I showed her a couple of tricks and I let her use my camera to take a photo of me and her grandma. We both enjoyed the experience.
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You have a great site and awesome pics! I was inspired to paint a picture too! What a cool way to paint, thanks for the link up. You can see it here: I want to buy a house and this is a picture of the one I went to visit today with my husband Jon. It was very cute on the outside but not so cute on the inside so we aren't going to buy this one. Thanks for being such and inspiration!

You might also want to try this sketchpad that my Dad made:


You're site is great Artlad!

(And it must be awesome to have a real superhero name, too.)
I hope your toe is better now. The same thing happened to me when I was little. Except my parents couldn't get it out, and I had to go to the doctor. It hurt a lot, and I had to get a shot too.
Keep up the great work, you're such a wonderful artist. I loved looking at the awesome things you made. Have a great day!
i am liking this blog, lad. also a big fan of Feiffer and the brush pens-- good investment.
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