Sunday, August 28, 2005


It's OUT!!!

Guess what?

Mom was sick and Dad had to make dinner. He made corn on the cob because he forgot that my tooth hurts since it's loose so I ate it on the side of my mouth.

And then Dad yelled STOP! And I dropped the corn. Something was stuck in my mouth and poking me and Dad saw it!

Dad flew up on the table and knocked the butter over. He grabbed my head and a napkin and put it in my mouth and yelled GOT IT!


That is the first tooth to come out EVER. I've been waiting a hundred days. It was a good job Dad saw it and flew up on the table because I was going to swallow up my corn and almost ate my tooth.

I thought it would hurt and be scary but it was great! My sister and the dog and me danced around in the living room. Then we told mom up in her bed.

Then Grandma called. Did she know already? She says the eyes in the back of her head can see a long way off. That's because Dad was a big stinker when he was little. She screamed on the phone. She likes everything I do. She has lost a lot of teeth too.

I wrote my letter to the Tooth Fairy. Is he a he or a girl?

I drew a picture to show the Tooth Fairy what happened.

And this is my for-real mouth where it happened.

I have to go to bed right away. I am up too far. But I will never sleep now!

My tongue keeps getting stuck in the hole.



I miss having teeth come out. It's always such a neat feeling to put your tongue in the space where the tooth used to be.

When I was young I always thought the tooth fairy was a girl, but it may be a boy, I didn't ever consider that.

Congratuations on your first lost tooth. I am glad it wasn't really lost, and that you didn't swallow it.
I once lost a tooth when I was at my grandmother's house, eating toffee. It's always tricky to lose a tooth when you're eating, you run the risk of accidentally swallowing or biting your "lost" tooth. May the tooth fairy be generous to you!

THAT IS GREAT! You must be releived.

Grandma just got lucky calling tonight. she meant to call yesterday.

But, she STILL has eyes in the back of her head. They can see thru walls.

And yes, your dad WAS a big stinker. I lost two bottom teeth (one right where you lost yours) because your dad knocked them out with a baseball bat. Ask him about it next time Grandma comes to visit. She'll make sure he tell the truth.

Your Uncle
The first tooth I lost fell out randomly while I was playing my Bananas in Pajamas pinball game. I was so surprised, I didn't know WHAT happened!

And my brother was so suprised when he lost his first tooth, he tried to put it back in. :)

But our dad never acctually flew across the table or room to retrieve it. He just kinda laughed at us.

Congrats on loosing your first baby tooth! Maybe you'll be one of the lucky ones and won't loose your two upper front teeth at the same time! Say hi to the tooth fairy for me! (I'm convinced now that the tooth fairy is a very nice man. Who looks alot like my dentist.)

Guess what? Declan (that's my very own 6 year-old son) lost his second tooth last week the same way you did; eating.

The sad part is, he swallowed it :(

I'm glad your dad caught yours in time.

Congratulations! Did the Tooth Fairy give you anything good?
tooth catching will be ur dad's new occupation for the next few years ... :)
Congratulations! Mac (LegoBoy) lost his first tooth 2 weeks ago while in school. He was so excited! He bought some more Legos with the money the tooth fairy brought him. I hope you got something good. And good job Dad catching that tooth!
Hi Thomas, Austin and I really enjoy your blog. We hope the tooth fairy was real nice to you because you make lots of people smile:)
My son who is 4 can't wait to loose his teeth... He is excited that the tooth fairy will come and take his teeth and that he will get goodies!!!

So what type of goodies did he or she give you... and did you find out if the tooth fairy was a he or she???

Keep smiling!!!!
Congratulations! I glad that it didn't hurt when it came out!

I remember when I lost my first tooth.
I was eating lunch and it hurt to eat food. So my mom helped me pulled it out!

Tell the Tooth Fairy I said hi! :)

Have you tried pushing jello out where your tooth used to be? Its pretty fun. I hope the tooth fairy was good to you. If your tooth looked as nice as the rest of your teeth, I bet you got top dollar.
Congratulations on losing your first tooth Thomas! Did the Tooth Fairy visit your house and take it away? My nephew got a toonie (it's a $2 coin here in Canada) when he lost his last tooth.
That's great! I'm so glad your dad caught it before it went down into your stomach. You were probably scared you had done something wrong when he yelled "STOP". I can't remember losing my first tooth, or any of them really (I'm bad at remembering details - but I can remember feelings really well) - I do remember the way it feels to run your tongue over that empty space - it's very fun!

The post before the most recent one I wrote about swallowing my tooth when I was in the first grade.

Good save Dad!
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