Monday, August 01, 2005


Introducing the Art Lad!

Hi! This is my Web place, The Adventures of Art Lad! My Dad put one of my pictures on his Web place and all his friends said I should have one. So now this is my place to show you my pictures. I hope you like them.

You can read more about me in the About Me place. But I am 6 years old and I like to draw and paint. I REALLY like to paint but Mom says paint is messy so I don't get to do as much.

artlad 003

Crayons and pencils are ok, but they look like a baby did them sometimes.

I'm good at pens. I can do really good pen drawings.

I'm just learning to read so my Dad is helping me. He types what I say and makes sure it is spelled good.

A lot of people liked this picture a lot when my Dad put it up. Do you know what it is?


I'll tell you. It's a T-rex coming down to bite you up! See the teeth?

I will put up more soon.

Gotta go draw!


Congratulations on your new blog! I like your drawings very much. (I can't believe your Dad ever thought this was a volcano!)
Congrats on the blog Thomas! Your dad has been super motivated lately - cleaning out the basement, helping you launch the Adventures of Art Lad, keeping us amused with his writing. I don't know where he finds the time! You are a very lucky 6 year old to have a dad like him!!

I hope you keep this blog up until you are old and gray!!! Looking forward to seeing more from your artist's eye...

I stick my tongue out just like you when I'm concentrating :)
That T-Rex Picture is Totally Radical.

Dinosaur pictures in general are glorious.

Good luck with the drawing!
Great job Thomas!!! I will make sure I put this one on my favorites to visit and see what you have new!!!
Hi there, Art Lad! I too stick out my tongue when I am concentrating. Which is most of the time, so I probably look pretty funny. One of my favourite things is to see how long it will take for my tongue to become super-dry. Maybe on a big masterpiece you can try that too!

Keep on trucking! Or, painting and drawing, anyway!

How dos she feel about pastels?? Fantastic drawings Thomas --- looking forward to lots more!

That painting is very fun, and very creative, I like it alot. Keep at it!
love your pics and the blog.
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Thomas, that painting would be impressive even if I didn't know you were six. You even shaded the teeth!

Can't wait to see more.
Oops. I thought it was an alligator. My bad.
hey :)
I'm just passing through and I found your blog! your drawings are very very good! I'm all impressed! :D Keep up the good work honey!
hey thomas!
congrats on the blog!
the pictures I see up there are wicked! I find them really inspiring.
fun and impressive. can't wait to see more!

montreal, quebec
Great perspective, a sort of victim's eye view. :-) (Perspective is a hard word artists use to say "view point".)

I found this blog through BoingBoing.
That dinosaur is so Rad. I hope that's framed and hanging in an art gallery someday. If I was one of those people who had money I would pay you for that painting to put on my wall.

i hope someday I have a cool little boy like yourself.

keep Rockin' and Rollin' little dude!
Hey Art Lad!
Nice drawings! Keep up the good work!
Glad to see you have a place to show the world your art. You are very lucky to have parents who encourage you and help you do art. When I was your age and my parents saw that I liked to draw, they went right out and bought me a big box of colored pencils. Now I'm a grownup and I draw for a living and I still like doing it.
That is the best painting I have ever seen from the inside of a T-Rex's mouth. AWESOME!
dude you are cool! you just let me know if you need Photoshop, and I'll get it for you!

dear art lad, your dinosaur is wonderful, I love the colours you used and the drama of him eating somebody is very scarey.
I started drawing and painting when I was about 4 and loved it like you do, now its my work and I love it!!!! Dont ever stop and keep drawing and painting and tell your mom to buy some tarp and let you paint, it is fun and I bet you would make some amazing paintings. GOOD LUCK and I LOOK FORWARD TO SEEING MUCH MORE OF YOUR ART WORK.
PS. tell your mom that you promise not to paint her walls or her sofa, that was my deal with my daughter when she was your age.
That T-Rex is sweet dude! Keep it up bro.
Aside from starry night, this might be one of my favorite paintings. Hope it's hanging on a wall somewhere.
WOW, Art Lad! That's one of the COOLEST-LOOKING DRAWING I HAVE SEEN!!!! For real, I mean, that's a scary dino... and for the record I DID know what the drawing was since the beginning...

You are and will be a great artist!
You are a fantastic artist! It took me a while to get here cause I haven't kept up with all the blogs I read regularly as well as I usually do. So missed when your dad put your picture on his site but Shane got me straight on that and here I am. This is great!
Wow Art Lad!
I saw two of your paintings and liked them both a lot ! Sweet...

this is a beautiful picture of a T Rex - i love your blog - Never stop painting and drawing
Great stuff kid...keep on painting!
but don't cut the ears okey! :-)
Thank you for sharing your creations. Tell your Mom to GO TO THE BEACH. Really, GO TO THE BEACH.
Thanks for sharing your creations. Keep drawing! Tell your Mom to GO TO THE BEACH. Really, GO TO THE BEACH.
Hi Thomas
I once drew a storyboard of a tiger fighting a dinosaur
when i was ten, it was fun, why don't you try doing a flip book!

have a look at my web site

Hi Thomas,
I really love your painting!! Its an awsome dinosaur and I love his sharp teeth!!

I know what you mean about your mum telling you that painting is messy!! I'm 33 and my mother is still telling me that painting is messy (and that I'm a terribly messy artist)- hee, hee! However Thomas, I could never imagine life without a set of paints, coloured pencils, pastles, pens, clay, limestone carving, papier mache or anything else I can get my hands on to create either 2D or 3D images/objects!!

DON'T EVER GIVE UP PAINTING Thomas! I hope your creativity stays with you always and that you go to art school then find a job as an artist!!

All the best for the future!! Thank you to your dad for creating this blog and thanks Thomas for showing your art to the world!! You are a very inspiring young man!!



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