Friday, August 05, 2005


I'll trade you!


I really like that everyone came and looked. Dad said a swear word when he saw the number today.

But I REALLY like this picture that Flip sent me:


Is that me? It's like a comic, it's like Teen Titans!

I'll trade you one of my pictures. Here it is:


The little dinos are dryosaurus. I made up the big ones. I call them


Well, bye!


Wow, you're really good at drawing dinosaurs! I loved dinosaurs when I was younger, I had lots of books and knew lots of things about them. I was never very good at drawing though.
I love that picture that Flip did. She's a real sweetheart and she's done some art for me too :)

Those dinosaurs are draw better than most adults!

Your dad wrote that you have drawn some art of wolves before. I'd love to see it! I love wolves and I draw and paint them a lot. If you'd ever like to trade wolf art with me, let me know!
You are so cute! Keep up the drawing!!! I see you've had a lot of people looking at your blog! Have a good day! and I hope you really like first grade!!
You are so cute!! Keep up the drawings!! I hope you like the first grade!
Thanks for the picture! I set it as my desktop! That is so cool, Thomas! *Hugs*
I sure wish I'd gotten my blog started at your age, I'd have a TON of posts. This website has been the highlight of my week - you rock! :}
Dude your drawings are awesome. So much better than any thing I can do. I like to take photos instead of drawing pictures.
Thomas, I first saw your site after Shane Nickerson recommended it and I agree with him that you have a lot of talent. Keep on drawing, and thanks for sharing your art!
Thomas, you might like this site. It lets you pain your own pictures and share them with people, who get to see how you drew them...I'm not a good artist, but it's fun.
hey, i followed a link here from Mr Nickerson's blog, and i'm so glad i did. i'm sat at work at the minute, and so bored, and your drawings cheered me up a lot! keep up the good work dude! i can't wait to see some more!

have fun,
Hi Thomas - Your drawings are really cool. My favorite is still "Dinner." I'm older than your dad, and I can't paint nearly as well as you do. I'm glad you are doing this blog, and I can't wait to see what you draw or paint next! I am going to school to be a science teacher, and you can bet I'll be teaching the kids all about dinosaurs.
Hi Thomas! I found the link to your blog on Boing Boing, and I'm glad I came to check it out! I love your pictures; I think dinos are pretty cool too (I love the Tigasaurons!!). My favorite animal is a penguin though, have you drawn any of them?

And I wanted to ask - what's your favorite kind of dinosaur?
Very nice! When I was little, everybody thought that dinosaurs were all gray or green. Now some scentists think that they might have had bright colors. So who knows, they might have looked just like your Tig-a-saur-ons!
My son's (he's younger than you by few years) favorite bedtime book is called How Do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight...he loves looking at the dinosaur pictures in it and asks me to name the different dinosaurs. When I showed him the picture you drew of the tigasaurons, he said, "that's just like the dinosaurs in my book!" Now THAT is quite a compliment...he thought your drawing was as good as the one in his book!
Keep up the good work , we may be seeing your art in a book someday!
Love the TIG-A-SAUR-ONS --- kind of like Ligers, but soooo much better!

p.s. bug your dad about the t-shirt thing =)
You are so great! Your blog is now added to my favorites. Your art is such a cheer-me-up for a boring work day. I love it!
Hey there little man, excellent artwork!!! Keep it up, and someday I might be bragging to someone that I was reading your blog before you were a famous artist! Keep up the blogging, with a following like yours you'll never have trouble finding willing patrons, (those are people who support you financially while you do your artwork, either by giving you money or by buying your art!)
Rock on with your AWESOME tig-a-saur-ons, dryosaurus, and the rest of your coolcool art, little man!! :D
Superheroes rock. Maybe your dad can write some words for a superhero comic strip starring Art Lad ;)
Art Lad you rock!!
Art Lad: I am enjoying your blog so much. Now I have a new screen saver every time you draw a picture. I show them to my friends at work and they all think your art is wonderful.
You are totally awesome. I love how your dinosaurs look like they're moving.

You should set up a college fund on your website with PayPal.

What would a Thomasaurs look like?
Hey bud! Love your art. You're pretty talented for such a young age! Rock on! Do you do any pics of video game characters? I loved drawing those when I was young.
Art Lad rocks my face off!
I have been enjoyed looking at your art very much, thank you Thomas.

I thought you might find this site interesting. It is all about Prehistoric Mammals:

I look forward to seeing more of your art :)

Keep up the good work kiddo you'll be great one day. Kust keep on loving it. I'm a artist myself of age 14. You can do great things
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