Friday, August 19, 2005


Hot and cold

I have a flu. I was 103 hot yesterday and my face was all red. I still don't feel much good. Kinda hot and cold at the same time.

I asked Dad to bring his little computer to my room and read me what people said about the earth picture. That made me happy.

It's hard to be a good drawer in bed. I tried to do a book but I only got to the first page. Mom wrote the words on top.


My eyes feel all big like the leopard's. Maybe I will get spots like him too.

I will draw more later. I need some juice now.

Oh no!

I'm so sorry that you don't feel good! :(

Try to drink your juice, and get well soon!

Your Friend,

Thimbelle :)
Sorry you're sick! :(

I really like your picture of the leopard!
Hang in there, dude. :( The flu is no fun, I know.
i came across your blog just last week, thomas, and i am enjoying what i see here ... it does an artist's (and writer's) heart good to see someone your age so excited about art that they're willing to share it with everyone else in the world.

keep up the good work.

oh, and feel better. orange juice and chocolate usually do the trick :)

Aww. I hope you feel better soon!
Hope you feel better soon. I had the flu once and it was not much fun. I hope you get to watch a lot of good cartoons. Try to drink a lot and you'll get better faster.

Nice leopard!
I've had a cold/flu this week too, and it's sure not fun --- hope you feel better soon!

Love the leopard
Being sick in bed is no fun. And it's no good for things like drawing or writing.

BUT! It can be a good time to get ideas for pictures and stories to make later. While you're resting, you can let your mind wander all kids of interesting places.

And sometimes when you have a fever, you have really wild dreams when you sleep.

Ask your Dad to tell you the story about the time when he was a kid when he had a really high fever for a long time, and part of his brain got cooked!

Get well soon!
I *hate* when I get the flu -- it's terrible. Make sure you get enough rest and you'll feel better soon.
Like everyone else has said, feel better, sweetie!

Maybe when you rest, you'll dream more of the leopard's story to share with us!
Flus in the summer are YUCKY...Feel better, Thomas! Juice is a step in the right direction, although I like the suggestion of chocolate, too. :)

Awesome leopard!
even with you not feeling well, the picture is great!!!

Feel better soon buddy!!!
103!!! wow, that's hot. When I was really really small (an tiny baby actually) I got the chicken pox really bad - it was my older sister's fault of course - and my temperature went up to 106! They had to put me on ice at the hospital. I'm glad I don't remember it. I hope you're temperature didn't go too much higher and that you are feeling better. Fevers always make me feel funny and see weird things when I'm delirious - did you see anything weird while you had your fever?

I always feel better after some bubbly 7-Up, especially if my throat is hurting too.

I'm so sorry to hear that you aren't feeling well.

Drink lots of juice and get lots of sleep.

BTW, I really liked the leopard!

I am sorry that you are sick! My little girl who is 3 is sick today too. No fun.

I love looking at your blog. It makes my day to see all your beautiful work. I went to art school and I know a lot of people who weren't as talented as you are.

I can't wait to see more of your art when you are better.

Hope you feel better really soon. I like the leopard andI enjoy your art every day.

Keep it up, drink lots of juice, and get rest :)

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