Saturday, August 06, 2005


Gourds are good

Today I painted some gourds.


With my sister.

Mom got them. Gourds are plums that got turned into stones. And then you can paint them.

It's hard to paint because you have to keep going in circles.


My arm got tired.

I painted a bunch. Here they are.

This is "The Rainbow"


This is "The Garden." See the flowers?


This is called "The Squeezy Pumpkin"


My favorite is "Desert Lizard"


This last one is called "Hot Air Balloon." You know why?


THAT'S why!



Haha, very creative!
Hi, Thomas!

I am really enjoying all your artwork! Great job on the gourds. I especially like the hot air balloon!

Are you going to keep your gourds for maracas?
I like your Squeezy Pumpkin- it looks just like a pumpkin in a fun-house mirror.
I think my favorite one is "The Garden". You know I like flowers.

Did you know that there is a kind of gourd that is shaped a little like a snake? Well part of it is, anyway. You can see a picture here.
NICE gourds!! I think my favorites are "The Rainbow" and "Desert Lizard". Looks like both of you had a really good time outside with the paint; makes ME want to go outside and paint something, too.
The gourds look so much fun, I'M tempted to have my hand at painting some! :)

And I really like Heather's idea to use your gourds for maracas!

You had a beautiful day to paint outside - don't you just love summer??
Love the gourds! Great job! I have a gourd that someone decorated like a snowman I set out around Christmas. I like the hot air balloon gourd you made, you could hang it upside down and use it to decorate your room.
I love the colours you're using! I like to mix the three primary colours to get all the other colours. :)
Great work there little man!....I've got some gourds laying around that I've been wondering what to do with...I think you may have inspired me!
These are fantastic! I found your blog linked off the website The Squeezy Pumpkin gourd is my favourite. Very creative!
Mmm... My favorite gourd was the Garden one. I've forgotten the fun in painting things. Maybe I can steal some of my brother's airplane paint. ;)
Hi Thomas!

I leave for a couple days vacation and you turn into an internet star.

Just so you know: I thought your paintings were so good I told your Dad this would happen. Keep having fun!

Did you know that if you drill a hole in your gourds, shake out the seeds, varnish them and hang them from a tree, birds will nest in them?

Just make sure the hole is small so Sparrows or Finches nest in it. You don't want anymore Blackbirds nesting in your backyard.
I almost forgot - you have to drill some small drainage holes in the bottom too!
Looks like you have a great set up to paint outside. Wonderful job on the gourds- My favorite is the hot air ballon too.
I like the desert lizard!

I wonder with all of the traffic you've been getting over here if you could work out some sort of art supply sponsorship with a company.

Just a suggestion.

Keep the art comin'!
Squeezy Pumpkin and The Garden are my faves. Keep on goin', you're doin' great.

Stu Mark
Redondo Beach, CA
Hi, Thomas!

Your gourds are beautiful - Squeezy Pumpkin is my favorite.

When I was a kid, we made birdhouses out of gourds. A bird would be lucky to nest in a gourd so lovely as the ones you've painted!

Heather Meadows' idea of maracas sounds like fun, too.

Keep up the art!
minds untainted.
able to see colours where non are.
trully innocent.


thank you thomas. :)
for reminding me what a child is like.
Awesome buddy!
Keep on painting! :o)
I like Squeezy Pumpkin the best. It looks like an alien from another planet. I grew a gourd this year in my garden and I am going to paint dinosaurs on it! Keep up the great artwork!
Dinosaurs are the coolest critters!
hey buddy, you do some fantastic stuff, you really have a great eye for color. the air balloon was my favorite.

Keep up the good work!
awesome gourds! i love the hot air balloon one! and yes, i agree that gourds make great maracas!
That hot air ballon is awesome. And I like that Animal Planet Lady's blog, too.
Keep drawning and painting Thomas, I like what you're doing.
I really like the squeezy pumpkin. Pretty colors.
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