Thursday, August 11, 2005


Driveway tiger-r-r-r-r

Yesterday I drew this tiger. He is the second-biggest tiger in the world!

I scraped my hand doing the ears. It was like the tiger bit me! R-r-r-r!

I like my chalks but they are dusty and scrapey. And then I finish and rain comes and wipes it off. Or Mom drives over it.

But this time Mom took pictures.

There's a little baby tiger on the edge there. Do you see it?


have you ever seen Mary Poppins? Now there is some fun with chalk drawing ...

love your tiger, kind of like the Flintsones' pet "sabertooth tiger".
Cool Tiger, Thomas! I like the teeth; looks like he can really BITE!
The best chalk drawing I could ever do was tic-tac-toe. Very impressive!
Hey Thomas! Is that a Sabre Tooth Tiger? Look at those teeth!
He's the next Bobby Fisher!
Real life-like. Has Blaze seen your tiger-r-r-r-r?
Hi Thomas :)
I really love your blog and your artwork. I teach 8 year old children here in Iceland and your blog is already giving me lots of ideas for interesting assignments to use in class. I´m looking forward to seeing more of your pictures and other artwork. Keep up the good work! :)

Came over here from Neil Gaiman's site. He recomended it. I'm glad he did.
hi thomas! i'm jary im from the philippines got here through i see why he recommended your site.. i wish i had half the talent you have! :) keep it up! i'm looking forward to more of your posts! :)

Hey there!

You could try something I used to do back when I was a younger kid. Be sure to ask your parents to help you though:

1) Get some old wax crayons, a candle, old newspapers and an old spoon.

2) Ask your parents to light the candle.

3) Place the newspapers all around you, so you don't make a mess.

4) Place the broken pieces of crayon in the spoon.

5) Melt the broken crayon pieces by placing the spoon over the candle flame. It shouldn't take too long. Better again to ask your parents for help.

6) Once it is melted, drop the melted colored wax on a sheet of newspaper, then BLOW on it to make it spread and create all these cool wriggly colorful lines!

You can try mixing colors, or adding colors on those that have dried up and stuff! I used to make lots of patterns first, then start to connect them with lines drawn using a felt tipped pen.

Keep the creative works coming!
i love that tiger! its awesome! i'm 22 and i still love playing with sidewalk chalk. i know what you mean about the rain though, i hate when it rains on a real nice picture! keep up the great work dude! i love it!

take care
Hi Thomas! Great tiger!
The baby tiger is cool too!

The Twinkie
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