Saturday, August 27, 2005


Crazy lizard!


I am at a table with 6 kids. All their names begin with A. Except for me and Luis. And Taylor (she is a girl and she always says hi to me and taps my arm but I don't say it back).

We have P.E. class now. It's like recess but the teacher blows a whistle. I like it.

I eat lunch at school now while the baby kids go home. I sat with Evan and Cole and Duncan. Alyssa was there too. She is NOT in my room. She is across the hall but I drew her a map with steps to get to my room.

Recess was sad first day because I wanted to play the Frisbee but Andrew said no. He is mean. So I just stood up and watched.

Next day I got my own Frisbee and played with all the other boys who Andrew wouldn't let play. We made up our own game called Frisbee in the Tree. You throw it up and try to catch it where it goes but the branches get tricky on you so it's hard.

Then Andrew did it and his Frisbee got stuck! Ha Ha!

I showed my teacher Flip's Art Lad picture and now all the boys want one! Andrew wants one so he looks like Beast Boy. I said he IS a Beast Boy with a big piggo face and he can't have one. So Flip DO NOT MAKE HIM ONE!

We have art time too and I made some pictures. They need pointier crayons and pencils at my school. I need them sharp to do good pictures.

I made a new super lizard for that dancing girl Lucy. But when I got home Dad forgot and already sent the box to her Dad so I couldn't send it.

So here's the picture for Lucy.

He is wrapping around you to pull you into his cave. See how his tail comes on the other side?

See the middle thing between his eyes? Silly Dad said it was a birthday hat. IT IS NOT! He has a rhino horn but it doesn't look like a rhino horn because he staring right at you. Rhino horns only look like rhino horns from the side.

I have school again Monday. I will be going to school a lot. But I will tell you stuff and show my pictures from art time.


Gosh, I knew it was a rhino horn right away. Your dad needs his eyes checked.

Just kidding of course.
:) ... glad you enjoyed school.
Dang, Art Lad!

Why is your blog so good?

You are a prince of the Internet.

Tell Andrew that he better be nice to you or else when you get called on some sort of sweet quest you will definitely not let him go.

You can also tell him that you know a Ninja, so he better make with the frisbee sharing OR ELSE.

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I started school this week too Art Lad. Your week sounded like more fun than mine. I was in meetings with all the teachers and I forgot to get a new key to the computer lab where I will be teaching a class on Monday. I want to use blogs with my students to post their writing and poetry. I hope they also add their art as well.
Hey man! I love how your pictures always make me feel like I am right in them!
I wish I was going back to school. I finished a few years ago and I TOTALLY miss it.
I'll only draw pictures for people who are nice and share the frisbee. So don't you worry. My cousin tickled me while I was hanging upside-down on the monkey bars once and made me fall on my face! I didn't share my lunch with him for the next month. :)

Looking forward to more reports about school, Thomas! And I agree with Jessica Mae: You ARE the Prince of the Internet!
Wow, Art Lad - sounds like the first week of school was action-packed! Frisbee games are fun - did you know that some people play "Frisbee golf?" They try to throw the Frisbee into buckets that are up on poles. It's hard to do!

The Twinkie is going to school at home this year! We have to go The Hospital so much that it is easier for her to be home-schooled. That way, she doesn't have to miss any homework or tests.

Maybe you could take a crayon-sharpener to school, and ask the Teacher if you can keep your crayons and pencils nice and pointy. I remember trying to draw details with those sad old rounded-off pencils! Not easy!

Don't be too hard on your Dad. Sometimes us grown-up types look at rhino horns and see party hats. You'll learn all about Freud later...

Your friend, Thimbelle. :)
Hi Thomas! I just wanted to congratulate you on another excellent drawing. It's true! Rhino horns *do* only look like rhino horns from the side! That was a very good observation you made; something that makes the great artists great. :)

Enjoy school!
Hi Thomas!

Thank you so much for drawing a special liazrd for Lucy! She loved it. I love your artwork too, and you have a great dad for helping you share it with everyone.

What's the little brown thing right above the lizard's tail? It looks like a bat hanging in the lizard cave. Is that what it is?
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