Thursday, February 11, 2010


Stop Motion Videos!

Hello everybody.

I just wrote a long homework story over at Dad's blog.

I still draw and take pictures but the thing I like to do best now is stop-motion animation.

I have like 100 clone troopers and Justice League guys and I do stories with them on Dad’s old camera.

It is hard work because you have to take really short shots, then move the guys a little, then shoot again. And THEN when you’re all done with that you have to edit them on the computer so it looks like they’re moving.

I’m trying to learn how to add in special effects like in real movies and just figured out how to do lazer blasts and music. I put them up on Youtube so you can see.

I helped my sister do one too.

I wish I was as good as the other videos because they look really good. I just need to practice.


Your friend,

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