Friday, November 21, 2008


Guess Who?

WHO is that?


Could it BE???


Yes! It's me, Art Lad! I'm back!


I'm sorry I haven't done anything a while, but I've got a lot of new artwork to put up, so prepare for the return of Art Lad!!

But first, a catch-up.

Well It's been a long time and since my last entry, my Mom had a baby girl named The Éclair (well, her real name is Elizabeth but we have to give her a cool secret identity for online). Know why she is called that? Because she is really sweet, but really gooey and messy. She has really grown since then. Her first word at two weeks was "hooray." Her first trip was at 11 days of age because my Papa and Grandma got in a terrible car accident and died at the same time. I am still very sad about it, even though it seems like a long time ago. Everyone else in my family is all safe and good and I will be featuring things about them, like pictures and stories I've made up about them.

I've changed a lot too. I'm now 57 inches tall, and I'm ten years old (I added a lot of stuff to my profile update) and in the 4th grade so I am old enough to write my own blogs, but Dad willstill check my spelling and punctuation.

Things got moved around in the house. If I didn't tell you already, I got a loft bed a little before Eclair was born and my other sister, the Brownie, she got the old guest room and she got a new bed. It's the softest bed in the house. The new guest room is down in the basement, near my new headquarters. It is called......the ART CAVE!

My Art Cave is the coolest. It's really just the basement, but still cool.

I can hang my art up for display or to let dry if it's paint.


Know what this is that I'm working on?


It's a Deinonychus baby. To give it scale I will draw in a big nose of a mother sniffing it. Dino mommies could chomp babies up if she wanted, and sometimes dinosaurs had to fall back to cannibalism when times were tough and food was scarce. Know how they know that? Because they found fossilized baby skeletons inside the rib cages of fossilized adults, so that means they got in there by being swallowed.

Mom says when I was little, I was so cute she could have just eaten me up. And when I got older and started giving her trouble, she sometimes wished she had. I don't think that is what happened with the dinosaur babies, but it was a really long time ago and you never know.

Now here is a video of me in the Art Cave, talking about my picture. I just uploaded it to Youtube and it took a while but by the time you see this, it should be ready to watch.

It is kind of bad and needs editing, but I just wanted to do a quick video to show you what things will be like around here from now on. It will be art but it will be more. It will be a multimedia gallery! That's like when they have TVs stuck in the walls along with things you can touch along with zappy light shows all alongside regular paintings. I have an opinion that it will be pretty cool.

There will be more soon. I want to put up something new before we go away for Thanksgiving, but I'm not sure I can. But I still wanted to say HI to everyone who kept coming here and emailing Dad and asking "When is Art Lad coming back?"

Well, now you know when.

See you soon!

Art Lad (Thomas)

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