Friday, April 13, 2007


Bad luck for Abby

Abby is dead.

I got up to feed her and she was floating at the bottom with her head straight down and not moving. She looked really dark too and she is normally bright orange so that means she was dead.

I ran and told Dad right away. It was 5:02 in the morning. Dad was really upset. He laid there with his eyes closed and moved his mouth but no words came out. He said he was praying.

I got Abby for my birthday so she didn't live very long. I think maybe she was sick. Her tank was dirty an awful lot. Dad was always cleaning it. He just cleaned it three days ago. That's what he kept saying this morning. I should have helped clean it more. I feel bad. Now she will never meet my new sister.


I got Abby out by myself. Mom made a noise when I didn't use the net to get her but I wanted to hold her in my arms. But she was too small so I just held her in my hand.

I wrapped her in a burial paper towel and carried her to the bathroom.


Dad called it a burial at sea. He needs to take the trash out too. I just noticed that.


I said a prayer even though my religion teacher says pets don't have souls. She is not very nice for a religion teacher. Abby had a soul. She was always happy to see me. Now she can swim in blue fish heaven and her tank will never have to be cleaned.


Goodbye Abby.


Hey. I just thought: Today is Friday the 13th. It really is bad luck day.


I'm so sorry for your loss.

You're a very sweet boy, and yes animals do have souls, no matter what your religion teach and my pastor say.

I know you'll make a good big brother.
I'm sorry to hear about Abby. Thanks for telling this story; sometimes it's hard to share when you're sad.
I'm sorry for your loss. I remember the very first fish my dad got me. He tried to win me one at a carnival but decided it would be less expensive to purchase some at the pet store. My brother fed his too much and it died soon afterwards. I always forgot to feed mine so the goldfish would always wiggle furiously when I went in my room like "Look at Me! Feed Me!"

It was never fun cleaning that fishbowl.

Congrats on your new sister.
I'm very sorry to hear about your fine fishy friend :(

You are right though; she is in blue fish heaven.
I'm very sorry to hear about your loss!

I have no doubt at all that animals have souls. I expect to meet every pet I ever had when I go to Heaven.

I'll say a prayer for Abby, too, tonight when I go to bed.
So sorry to hear about Abby. And I think you're right about your religion teacher...she's not very nice.

You gave Abby a very nice, very sweet send off.
I'm so sorry to hear about poor Abby.

Your religion teacher, in addition to not being nice, is wrong. I asked a very smart Pastor once if I would ever see my pets again, and he told me that in heaven, whatever we need to make us happy will be there. Well, I would be miserable without all of my past and present pets. Case closed!
Thomas, I am so sorry for Abby leaving us. I guess it was her time to go onto something different. I am with you, though, and think our animals have souls too. I just know I'll see my cats and dogs again someday.

You are a very special boy. Abby was lucky to live with such a nice boy.
Sorry to hear about Abby, Thomas - I know you loved her. I believe that animals have souls - and think she is definitely in blue fish heaven, swimming in the most beautiful water ever.
Oh I'm sorry to hear about Abby. I had a few fish of mine own when I was a boy. And yes, I believe Abby is now swimming in blue fish heaven as well, and enjoying all the currents and waves and her other fish friends there!
Art Lad,

I'm sorry for your loss.

Animals definitely have souls! (isn't that why St. Francis blesses them every year?) I think you're right that Abby will be happy swimming away in blue fishy heaven.

I had a similar "funeral by sea" for my goldfish, Sprite, when I was about your age. It was a sad day.
It's sad to see Abby go so soon...but I'm sure she was very happy to be loved so much.
Sorry to hear about Abby. Fish can be difficult to keep sometimes.

My trash can is usually more full than that one in the picture. :)
I'm so sorry about Abby. I agree with you and the others here that animals very definitely have souls. I know my dogs that have gone on to heaven are always watching over me, so I'm sure that Abby will be watching over you, the Brownie, and your new baby sister. I'm sure she appreciated the nice funeral you gave her. You're a very thoughtful young man.
Thomas, I'm sorry to hear about Abby. It's always sad to lose a pet we love. I hope it makes you smile when you remember her swimming around.
Fish are tough to take care of and they need every bit of help they can get. I'm sure Abby was happy for all the care you and your dad put in for her.

Good to hear that you were so capable of doing what needed be done for Abby at the very end. Nice show of maturity and responsibility there.
Dear Art Lad,

I am sorry that you lost your grandparents. I guess I'd feel sad too if I lost my grandparents. I am very sorry.

Your friend,
Lego Boy
ArtLad-I'm sorry you and your sisters have lost your grandparents. I've never met anyone in your family, but your Dad's told us so much about you I feel like I know you. So I know how wonderful your Grandma and Papa were, and I miss them too.

Maybe they'll meet Abby in heaven
Of course Abby had a soul.
Sorry for your loss.
I loved this story, sad but moving. I also really love your drawings, I post a comment about your blog and your drawings in my blog about illustration. Drop by, there's a present for you there! :-)

I'm sorry about your fish dying.
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