Monday, April 09, 2007


Baby Egg

Hi! This is Art Lad and I am writing my own blog now for today. I can type really good now and told Dad I can do it myself but he will still help me with spelling and stuff.

There has been a lot of news going on here. WE ARE HAVING A NEW BABY SISTER! We found out one dinner when we were having movie night on Friday a lot of weeks ago. That was when Mom only had a little bubble belly. NOW IT IS HUGE!

Look! You almost can't see my sister.


This is the second time I can remember having a baby. The first time was when my little sister came along. I was 2 and a half but I remember some of it. I remember getting a new room where I could have all my trains out and Dad helped me paint it. My sister got my old room but I didn't mind because it smelled like the attic and the floor was small and cold. I remember going to the hospital and Mom was all tired looking, but she was happy too. My sister was all tiny and angry then but she got better.

This new one is going to be another girl also. I'm happy because a little brother would break all my stuff. A little sister probably won't even care about my super guys and my fish Abby and my colored pencils.

The baby is supposed to come in May but I bet she will come early because Mom has early babies. I was two weeks early and my sister was three weeks early. If my new sister is 3 weeks early that means she will come next week!

We had Easter on Sunday and that was a lot of fun. We colored eggs. I love coloring eggs. You can make new colors that no one ever saw before. I like to dip my whole hand in the colors but my sister uses a dipper. My way is messy but I like it.

Look at my egg!


Later we went to my friend's house. They have a big back yard and we had an Easter Egg hunt there. I found 27 eggs with different things in them like candy and money and a compass ring to find my way home if I get lost. Me and my friends ran around like nutsos, but Mom couldn't run because the baby has got so big. She let me have the camera to take pictures. So I took one of Mom. It made me think of my egg.

Doesn't she look like a big Easter egg?


I can't wait for the baby!!!



Welcome back!!! We have missed you. It is so cool that you are writing your blog entries all by yourself.

Nice job on your first self-written blog post, Art Lad. And that was a very cool-looking egg you made. Have a good rest of your school year and a great summer!
Congratulations on the almost-there baby sister.

You are doing good to remember when your already-there sister was born. I was 4 when my little sister came home but I don't remember anything about it now.

I like your egg, it's very artistic!

Glad to hear you're looking forward to your new baby sister. Now you'll be the big brother TWICE - that's way cool.
Great egg, Thomas! I like to dip them with my hands, too.
It's exciting about your new sister. I'm sure you'll be a great big brother to two sisters, just like you are to one sister now. At first little babies sleep and cry a lot, but then they keep getting more fun every day. Enjoy!
Not to focus on the small things, but there are a lot of individually great sentences in that post, as well as one fantastic picture of your mother, combined with an interesting metaphor.

Art Lad, thou art justly named.
Congratulations on the upcoming addition to your family, Art Lad! I also thought you did a great job writing up this post.
Your mom does look like an Easter egg from that angle, Art Lad. It must be exciting to have a new sister on the way!
In the same vein as xradiographer, the story has great narrative flow, too, with the ending bringing both subjects together.

Glad you're posting again, Thomas! Or at least, that you've posted this one. I hope you'll post again soon; I want to see what kind of art you've been creating!

As for a little sister not being interested in colored pencils, well, you never know. You might have an Art Lass on your hands.
Gosh it's great to hear from you again Alad! Wonderful job on the pictures and your writing. You are growing up so fast and into such a nice young man. I know your parents are proud of you-
hey there Artlad-- great post!! you mom does look like an easter egg, and you must tell her that she is a good sport!!

your egg is way cool, I love it. My 9 year old son did some eggs this year where you put a little pin-hole in each end of it and then blow the insides out, so you are left with just an egg shell. it is very delicate then, but you can paint it and it is really cool. you might want to try it OVER THE SINK, and be ready to have to blow really hard.

Great post!

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