Monday, October 30, 2006


Happy Birthday to ME!

Wow, it's been a long time since I did something here.

I have been really busy at school. I joined the chess club and I got picked to be on Student Council (they pick one boy and one girl from each class. For the 2nd grade it is me and Alyssa. Remember her?). We get to go to special meetings and vote on things like what to do at the Monster Mash and other stuff.

The Monster Mash is a dance and party at my school tomorrow. I will be going in my costume that Grandma made me. I am an Animal Planet TV person who is getting eaten by a snake. My sister is just a leopard. I can't wait for tomorrow. They have good desserts at the Monster Mash and I like dancing in the gym. It is a good place to show my moves.

I am doing a poster for the Monster Mash, but it is not done yet. Here it is:


I need to finish his legs and mouth and do letters on the bottom. I better hurry!

I am writing today because it was a special day. IT WAS MY BIRTHDAY! I am 8! Eight is great!

I got good presents. Uncle BB gave me 20 dollars to spend on anything I want and a baseball card guide so I can see what my cards are worth. Grandma and Papa gave me a talking globe of the world that teaches you where places are and has games you can play by touching it. I already know a lot about the world.

My aunts--that is Mom's sisters--gave me a tennis racket and balls because I am taking tennis lessons. Tennis is hard because I can hit the ball WAY over the fence like in baseball but you aren't supposed to hit the ball like that in tennis. You have to keep it in the lines and that is hard.

My almost favorite present was what everyone got me. On Saturday we all went to the pet store and everyone gave me money--even my sister--to buy a fish! I got a Beta fish. I named her Abby because she is a girl.


She is really pretty with goldy bits on her. Dad gave me a special bowl to put her in. She is on my desk and I like to watch her at night. It makes me sleepy.

The best present was from Dad. I really like the Justice League cartoons and have all the figures from it. Except one. He is Solomon Grundy and he is the hardest one to get. They only made like a thousand or two of him and the only way to buy him was to go to a comic show in California. He is on ebay but he costs WAY a lot of money, more than Uncle BB even gave me.



I couldn't believe it. He is the coolest figure and he's as big as Doomsday. Now Superman will have some guys he can REALLY fight.


Our neighbor down the street collects figures even though he is old. When I showed him my Solomon Grundy he got all excited and yelled at Dad because he says Solomon Grundy can't come out of the box. Dad just laughed and said "Toys are meant to be played with." That got our neighbor even madder. He told me my Solomon Grundy would never be worth as much now that he came out of the box.

But he is wrong. I wouldn't sell him for a million zillion dollars.


when you are posting comments make them interesting but it looks like you put alot of work into your site well done
I really like the way you've taken three photos like they were a comic strip. I particularly like the one where Doomsday is in the air.

Happy Birthday, Art Lad!

(It's my mum's birthday today as well)

Happy Birthday Thomas! Hope you have a great party at school, your costume sounds very interesting. Chess is a really cool game, I played on the chess team in high school and really enjoyed it. Have a fun day!
Happy birthday (a little late)! I like your poster a lot. I hope you will write more on your blog if you have time between all your activities. :)
Happy Birthday, Thomas!

Your dad's right, toys are meant to be played with :) It's awesome that he got you a Solomon Grundy!

And I love the series of photos where he's throwing Doomsday. Cool idea, and well done!
Hi Thomas! It sounds like you had a pretty awesome birthday. I have some comic book/TV figures too -- I took them out and played with them all. To me, it's much better to play with them than let them sit in a closet so that someone, years later, will pay more money for them. That's valuable playing time lost!
Happy Birthday Thomas! I'm glad you had such a great day. Abby looks very cool. I used to have fish in my room too, and they always helped me calm down before bed.

You have a really cool dad. I'm glad he (and you) understand the value of play. Hope you have a great year!
Thomas, it sure sounds like you had a fun birthday, and it also sounds like your family wanted to make sure that you know how special you are to them.
I'm really glad you're playing with Solomon Grundy instead of leaving him in a box!
Enjoy your year as an 8 year-old,
Happy Birthday Thomas!! What wonderful presents! Did you blow all the candles out and get your wish? I hope so :)
Happy birthday, Thomas! You are right, you have the best dad ever from what I can tell. My husband is old and collects action figures, too, but he mostly likes movie monsters like Godzilla and Star Wars stuff. Oh, and soldiers. And your dad is right - don't listen to your neighbor - toys are to be played with.
Happy Birthday! You got some great presents!

I will let you in on a little tennis secret that I learned long ago. At least once, every single time you play, you have to hit the tennis ball as hard and as far as possible. You have to pretend you didn't mean to do it, and make the other person run for the tennis ball. It will always be funny, I promise.
Happy Birthday, Art Lad!

And by the way, that poster RULES! Great work!
Happy Day After Your Birthday, Thomas!! Your friend in Canada
I hope your birthday was AWESOME, Thomas!! Have fun with all your cool new presents!
Happy birthday, Thomas. Sounds like you had a great day! Congrats on making student council.

Try to remember to post a picture of your poster when it's done - it looks really cool now. :-)
Happy happy birthday to an awesome 8 yr old. My younger son, Cameron, will be eight in December. He likes Hot Wheels alot and has seen every Acceleracers video. He wants a new game for his Gameboy for his birthday.
I think your Monster Mash poster looks wicked cool. Have fun!
YAY, Thomas, glad to see you posted again!

Happy Birthday!

Congrats on the presents, and the school council!

I like the Justice League too! It's cool that you have all the figures! You outta take a picture of them all together!

Congratulations for your birthday !
Il like your Solomon G.,here in France it's absolutly unknown (by me..)!
I like your drawing too.
Happy couple of days after your birthday Thomas.

Glad that your family spoiled you plenty. Hope you had an outstanding Halloween. And please do post the final pic of the poster after you've finished it. We love your art work!
Happy B-day buddy! I hope when you finish your poster you share it with us because it looks pretty cool already.

And I've got to agree with your pop, toys ARE supposed to be played with. If you hadn't taken Grundy out of his box you never could've taken those cool pictures. They made me smile.
Happy Birthday :)
cool blog! :D
Solomon Grundy is mean and zombieish. It's a really cool villain. I'd like to see Batman fight him.
It's been almost 4 months since your last post. I hope you post some more of your pictures for us to see.

Solomon Grundy can be bought for only $40 on eBay so I don't think your dad spent too much on you.

Have you played anymore tennis yet? I have some friends over at TennisPlaza that are willing to give you a $10 gift ertificate if you mention their website on your left navigation and link to them. Let me know if you're interested?

tennis.miker {at}
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