Monday, October 30, 2006


Happy Birthday to ME!

Wow, it's been a long time since I did something here.

I have been really busy at school. I joined the chess club and I got picked to be on Student Council (they pick one boy and one girl from each class. For the 2nd grade it is me and Alyssa. Remember her?). We get to go to special meetings and vote on things like what to do at the Monster Mash and other stuff.

The Monster Mash is a dance and party at my school tomorrow. I will be going in my costume that Grandma made me. I am an Animal Planet TV person who is getting eaten by a snake. My sister is just a leopard. I can't wait for tomorrow. They have good desserts at the Monster Mash and I like dancing in the gym. It is a good place to show my moves.

I am doing a poster for the Monster Mash, but it is not done yet. Here it is:


I need to finish his legs and mouth and do letters on the bottom. I better hurry!

I am writing today because it was a special day. IT WAS MY BIRTHDAY! I am 8! Eight is great!

I got good presents. Uncle BB gave me 20 dollars to spend on anything I want and a baseball card guide so I can see what my cards are worth. Grandma and Papa gave me a talking globe of the world that teaches you where places are and has games you can play by touching it. I already know a lot about the world.

My aunts--that is Mom's sisters--gave me a tennis racket and balls because I am taking tennis lessons. Tennis is hard because I can hit the ball WAY over the fence like in baseball but you aren't supposed to hit the ball like that in tennis. You have to keep it in the lines and that is hard.

My almost favorite present was what everyone got me. On Saturday we all went to the pet store and everyone gave me money--even my sister--to buy a fish! I got a Beta fish. I named her Abby because she is a girl.


She is really pretty with goldy bits on her. Dad gave me a special bowl to put her in. She is on my desk and I like to watch her at night. It makes me sleepy.

The best present was from Dad. I really like the Justice League cartoons and have all the figures from it. Except one. He is Solomon Grundy and he is the hardest one to get. They only made like a thousand or two of him and the only way to buy him was to go to a comic show in California. He is on ebay but he costs WAY a lot of money, more than Uncle BB even gave me.



I couldn't believe it. He is the coolest figure and he's as big as Doomsday. Now Superman will have some guys he can REALLY fight.


Our neighbor down the street collects figures even though he is old. When I showed him my Solomon Grundy he got all excited and yelled at Dad because he says Solomon Grundy can't come out of the box. Dad just laughed and said "Toys are meant to be played with." That got our neighbor even madder. He told me my Solomon Grundy would never be worth as much now that he came out of the box.

But he is wrong. I wouldn't sell him for a million zillion dollars.


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